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Music is probably the biggest unifier of planet earth. It is innate to human nature; it makes us who we are. From ancient times, cultures and civilizations from all around the globe had a special place for music. They used instruments and methods to create their music. The legacy of these cultures still runs through our music culture. All the musical instruments have a history; they all share some unique features. Exploring these instruments is a source of great joy.

We, at ‘Melody Access’, discuss musical instruments. For different types of music, there are several kinds of instruments and products available in the market. Having to go through all these is a daunting task. So, we are here to act as a guide for you.

We are really enthusiastic and passionate about musical instruments. Because of several years of personal experience and comprehensive research on numerous types of musical instruments, we are a team of experts that can give you perfect opinions and recommendations on any of these instruments.

The domain of musical instruments is huge. So, which section do we cover? We generally review band & orchestra instruments. But we are not bound by any limit. On the one hand, we cover instruments like violin, cello & saxophone- the classic ones; on the other, we can review a very modern instrument like a theremin.

The instruments we choose to review are solely chosen by our expert reviewers without any outside influences. We want to give you our honest opinions on musical instruments. So, we personally investigate and research the products, listen to the experts of that instruments and take into account customers’ feedback. Then, we present our findings to our readers.

So, welcome again to ‘Melody Access’. Let’s start the journey to the musical world together.

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