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A well-played musical instrument, like the best tongue drum, can be a very soothing experience for people. We get captivated by repeating patterns, and they sound very pleasant to us. This is why your yoga sessions seem so pleasant.

Tongue drums are one of the most exquisite and unique musical instruments with all the tonal performance and beautiful harmonics. It is a surprisingly little percussion instrument with a soothing sound that can be used for meditation and relaxation. The sound of a tongue drum can take you to a whole different place where you will be relaxed and at peace. Playing the tongue drum can be a profound spiritual experience, also it’s very easy to play.

Well, today, we will look at a calming musical percussion instrument today. We will try to find the best steel tongue drum. We have selected the finest tongue drums based on customer reviews and expert opinions. In addition, we’ve attached the expert opinion as buying guide; make sure you read that!

Let’s get on with the list of the musical instrument that is called the steel tongue drum.


Best Steel Tongue Drums Reviewed

Here are our top picks for this musical instrument–


Lomuty Steel Tongue Drum – 11 Notes 12 Inches

Lumoty Steel Tongue drum is one of the top-rated tongue drums, according to the customers and experts. This has the highest number of reviews, more than any other tongue drum or hangs drum. Let’s see the aspects of this musical instrument and why it is so highly reviewed.

Lomuty Steel Tongue Drum - 11 Notes 12 Inches


Lumoty Steel Tongue Drum is a 12 inch drum with 11 notes; it comes with a fixed tuning system to the mixed C major scale. It has 3 octaves, and the sound frequency is a pleasant 432hz. The 11 tones are set in a pentatonic scale that allows you to play a wide range of sounds and play more music.

The material is steel titanium alloy, which we know is very durable, sturdy, and stable. It is spray painted with green spray paint that prevents rust and corrosion. The tongue design is made like a lotus flower, which, as we know, has a religious connotation for Eastern Religions. They use these for meditation, yoga, mental health, and healing. This can be used for musical therapy, as is done by the mystics of those regions.

The packaging set includes a Steel drum, two one inch drum mallet, music book in English, a bag, a note sticker, four Picks, and a strap. Lumoty claims their steel tongue drum can be played by anyone, including beginners and professionals.

The Lumoty Steel Tongue drum price is in the mid-range, and you can buy this hang drum in many fascinating colors. Lumoty gives you a 30 days money back guaranty that is unconditional. You can buy this for yourself, or as a gift without any hesitation.


  • Highest reviewed steel tongue drum
  • Steel Titanium alloy tongue drum
  • C major pentatonic scale with 11 notes
  • Rubber mallet, fingers pick, carrying bag, and strap included
  • Can be a first tongue drum for beginners to familiarize themselves
  • attractive Money back guaranty


  • Has some issue with delivery, not slightly custom scale

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Asmuse Steel Tongue Drum

Asmuse Steel Tongue Drum is a high-quality tongue drum on our list. This is a highly recommended tongue drum. Let’s see why that is.

Asmuse Steel Tongue Drum


Asmuse Steel Tongue Drum is made with high quality steel and, food quality, stainless steel. This makes the drum rust, corrosion, and dent resistant. This drum is built to last; this can be passed as a family heirloom for generations.

Asmuse steel tongue drum features excellent craftsmanship. Master craftsman makes these. These handmade tongue drums are the result of years of experience, and detailed design makes them very beautifully designed to look at.

The design of the tongues is shaped like a lotus petal. The craftsman has used sound theory for making the drum melodious. The innovative design and simple shape have made the Asmuse steel tongue drum one of the top-notch tongue drum sets on the market.

The size of this steel tongue drum is a 10 inch drum and has 8 notes in C major scale. Its sound is clean, soft, ethereal, and purifying for your soul.

People have used this steel tongue drum for music education, yoga meditation, zazen, performances, religious activities, leisure or decoration in the house, gift, etc. The whole set comes with accessories like 1 x steel tongue drum, 2x pair of mallets, 1x mallet bracket, 1x tonic sticker, 1x nylon travel bag, 1x Instructions, and a Song Book.

The Manufacturer’s claim about build quality – The Five Tones correspond to Five Elements (Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth), open up five Internal organs (Heart, Liver, Spleen, Lung, and Kidney) and bring up five virtues (Benevolence, Righteousness, Propriety, Knowledge, Integrity)

Asmuse steel tongue drum comes in 3 sizes, 6 inches, 8 tongues, and 11 tongues. You can use it to release your pressure and give you a calmer and spiritual soul-searching session.

The price point is very affordable. You can buy the Asmuse drum as a gift for your friends and family.


  • Steel Titanium alloy tongue drum
  • C major pentatonic scale with 8 notes tongue drum steel
  • Rubber mallet, finger pick, music book, carrying bag included
  • Affordable price depends on the size
  • An heirloom for your future generations


  • Some users claim they received the package without instruction and display ring

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 AKLOT Steel Tongue Drum 10 inch 11 Notes

Aklot Steel Tongue Drum is a premium instrument. To be fair, this drum is often called a Tank drums percussion instrument, one of the finest percussion instruments.

 AKLOT Steel Tongue Drum 10 inch 11 Notes


This steel tongue drum is an ambidextrous drum that can be played with either hand. There are 11 notes, including G, A, B, C, D, E, F, and #G. This is a standard C major scale with a wider range of sound production capabilities, allowing you to play more songs.

This steel tongue drum gives you a more ethereal sound and melodies that are more melodious and stable. The timbre is very stable, so it allows pure music to flow out of the tongues.  The use of this drum includes meditation, healing therapy, religious ceremony, enlightenment, spiritual healing, and finding inner peace.

The steel tongue drum is made with steel titanium alloy. This makes the drum stronger and better at rust and corrosion resistance. The manufacturers claim this material is better than carbon steel.

The drum is handmade by professional craftsmen. The cuttings are done accurately and meticulously, so it gives you a clean musical tone every time. This comes pre tuned at a fixed tuned system at perfect tuning. There are non slip rubber feet for a stable playing session.

The whole package comes with a steel tongue drum, 2 drum mallets, 1 mallet bracket, 6 finger picks, 1 set of note stickers, 1 music book, and 1 travel bag.

This steel tongue drum comes in 3 sizes, the 10 inch size that we reviewed, 6 inch size, and an eight inch size. The price can differ according to the size, but it is an affordable and frankly reasonable price point. Also, you can purchase the drum for yourself or as a surprise gift as well.

There is a warranty option that you can contact the seller about. This is a high quality steel tongue drum. Buy now without a doubt!


  • 10 inches with 11 notes handcrafted steel tongue drum
  • Portable tongue drum producing great sound
  • Rubber mallet, finger pick, carrying bag, and strap included
  • Can be a first tongue drum for beginners and children to start learning and practice
  • Money back guaranty


  • Some users received the drum without an instruction manual

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Yinama Steel Tongue Drum Percussion Instrument 11 Notes 10 inches

Yinama Steel Tongue Drum is the next premium drum on our list. It is different from the other drum models on our list. A good difference. Let’s see where the difference is.

Yinama Steel Tongue Drum Percussion Instrument 11 Notes 10 inches


Yinama Steel Tongue Drum is a D major scales drum. That’s a major difference, but that is not all, as you will see as we go along. This drum has 11 tongues, and the diameter is 10 inches. It is a pretty standard steel tongue drum.  This is a handmade drum covered with green spray paint. This gives the drum a rust free coating; this also makes the drum corrosion proof.

The quality check of Yinama is outstanding. They check all the notes for excellent sound resonance and bright sounds with vibration and check the notes for minimum fluctuations. This lotus flower style steel tongue drum is perfect for beginners, amateurs, and a standard among teachers, musicians, and practitioners of Eastern healing and calming methods.

The package comes with 1 x Steel Tongue Drum, 2 x pairs of Drum Mallets, 1 x Music Book (with Instructions), 2 x set of Notes Stickers, 8 x Picks, and 1 x Bag.

The price range of this is affordable. This lightweight steel drum comes in 10 inches, and 12 inches sizes for your choosing.


  • 10 inches with 11 notes
  • Steel titanium alloy-made drum with a percussive sound
  • D major scale with 11 notes with resonant tones
  • Rubber mallet, fingerpick included
  • Can be the first instrument for beginners


  • Tuning can be an experiment issue as per some users, unlike other models that are tunable

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REGIS Steel Tongue Drum, 11-Note 10-Inch Drum Set Percussion Instrument

Regis Steel Tongue Drum is the next great steel tongue drum on our list. For the first thing, it looks wonderful. The colors are so exquisite and amazing. But not just the looks, the features are also top notch. Let’s take a look at the features.

REGIS Steel Tongue Drum,11-Note 10-Inch Drum Set Percussion Instrument


The steel drum is made with titanium steel alloy. The material is very durable and long lasting; it is rust proof and dent resistant. This material comes with better corrosion resistance and heat resistance.

The drum is a perfect circle and gives you the perfect sound that comes to calm your mind and brain. The tongues are made in lotus-shaped. The precise cuts of the tongues give you the sweetest sounds and calm you down instantly.

The design features an innovative design with a superb craftsmanship and a simpler shape. It uses sound theory or music theory to make the perfect sounds that calm you down for healing, passionate soul searching, and other instruments acoustic therapy.

The 10 inch steel tongue drum comes with 11 notes, with a standard C key that gives a wider sound range. It can be the perfect first-time tongue drum for novices and perfect for beginners.

You can use this drum for concert accompaniment, meditation, music enlightenment education, spiritual rehabilitation, and other uses. The drum’s sound is mellow and moderate; this can relieve stress and relieve your anxiety.

The drum set comes with drumsticks, music score, travel bag, finger cots, sticky notes for your keys. The price point comes in a very affordable range. You can buy the steel tongue hang drum as a gift item for your friends and kids. Buy now!


  • A beautiful instrument
  • Steel Titanium alloy tongue drum
  • 11 notes with a standard C key hank drum
  • High-quality rubber mallets
  • Fingerpicks included
  • Beginner guide music book, carry bag included
  • Mid-range price point, depends on the size


  • The range is a bit limited for some users, not c major scale
  • No warranty information on the small tank drum was available for us

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Luvay Steel Tongue Drum – 6 inches 8 Notes

Luvay Steel Tongue Drum is the next drum on our list. Luvay is one of the most premium brands for making percussion instruments, so this is one of their flagship products, like a previous model, that we will see.

The instrument comes in three sizes, 6 inches, 10 inches, and 22 inches. The sizes are designed with a lotus flower design that looks stylish and very authentic.

Luvay Steel Tongue Drum - 6 inches 8 Notes


Luvay steel tongue drum has 8 tongues with G, A, B, C, D, E, F, and #G. This drum comes pre tuned for the wonderful music. You can use your hand, finger, finger picks, and black mallets that come with the steel tongue drum. It is a D minor scale steel tongue drum.

This tongue drum is hand made. The material is steel titanium alloy. This material is very durable, and by nature, this material is rustproof and, at the same time, corrosion resistant. The drum comes with green spray paint for added protection from rust.

The package comes with one steel drum, two black mallets, a Music Book, a bag, eight notes sticker, and 4 Picks.

The Luvay Steel Tongue drum comes with a variety of prices for different sizes. You can buy these for yourself, or your kids and friends.


  • 6, 10, and 22 inches with 11 notes
  • D minor scale with 11 notes
  • Rubber mallet, finger pick, shoulder bag included
  • Mid-range affordable price; depending on the size great alternative to other selections


  • 6-inch drum comes with some issues like wrong notes

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Gimars Alloy Steel Tongue Drum

Gimars is the next steel tongue drum on our list. It comes with so many good features. We will see what the features are now.

This steel tongue drum comes with steel titanium alloy made and hand modulated for accuracy and beauty of the tune. The tongues are precision cut radially by professional craftsmen. The drum comes with 12 notes that make the most ethereal tone.

Gimars Alloy Steel Tongue Drum


The clear and crisp tone relaxes your anxiety. You can use this steel tongue drum for spiritual healing, music education lessons, personal meditation, yoga meditation, Zen, music therapist, performance, religious activities, and aromatic therapy. This is suitable for all these.

The steel tongue drum is rust proof and has dent resistance; it protects itself from erosion, rust, and scratches. This is reinforced by spray paint that prevents the rust as extra protection.

There is shock proof silicon foot that prevents it from slipping away when playing. The steel tongue drum’s bottom is sealed for clear sound and loud volume.

The tongue drum comes with many things on the package. Like 1 x steel tongue drum, 2 x drumsticks, 1 x drumstick tray, 1 x music mallets, 1 x note sticker, 6 x fingertips, 1 x rope, and 1 x Padded travel bag.

This steel drum comes in two sizes and two colors. The price points are very reasonable.

You can buy this product for your own spiritual and physical healing. This is also a great quality gift item for your loved ones.


  • Steel Titanium alloy construction
  • 12 notes steel tongue drum that sounds great
  • Rubber mallet, finger pick, music book, and bag included
  • Good quality & Affordable price
  • Perfect for new instrument learner


  • Some notes can be off as per some users, not a c major scale, doesn’t have display ring

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Cadushki Steel Tongue Drum

Cadushki Steel tongue drum is the next and the last tongue drum on our list. Being the last doesn’t mean it has any lacking in any way. Let’s see what it packs.

This is a steel titanium alloy made drum. The drum comes with 11 notes that give you a deep and relaxing sound for your meditation need. The scales are on D major and B minor scales for your needs.

Cadushki Steel Tongue Drum


The note names are printed on the tongues. You can play the instrument without much experience in music.

This Cadushki steel tongue drum comes with a price range that is a middle range price. The manufacturing company gives you 1 year full warranty and a 30-day full replacement or refund.

This is a perfect gift item for your kids and friends.


  • Steel Titanium alloy tongue drum
  • Different scales 11 notes with a standard C key hank drum
  • Affordable price


  • Reviews didn’t show any negative side of this tank drum!
  • Not Japanese Akebono scale

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Musfunny 6-Inch Steel Tongue Drum Kit

If you are searching for a steel drum that is not only long-lasting but also has a surface that has been treated to a professional level, then this is the perfect option for you. Its construction is of the highest possible quality, and it exudes a certain air of sophistication. This incredible tongue drum features an original and modern design, handcrafted construction, sound theory, a basic shape, and it is also very convenient to transport.

Musfunny 6-Inch Steel Tongue Drum Kit


You will find the carrying bag, which is included with the tongue drum, to be a useful accessory because it makes transporting the instrument easier. In addition to that, the package includes a music book, a wiping cloth, a holder for the mallets as well as a bag for the mallets, and a shoulder strap.

Because of the one-of-a-kind structure at the bottom of the tongue drum, it is able to make a sound that is pure, otherworldly, and reminiscent of Buddha. This drum can create tones that are pure and calming, which can aid in the process of relieving stress. In a general sense, playing this drum will infuse your life with a sense of calm and tranquility.

This tongue drum features the conventional C key and 8 different notes; it may be performed with mallets or with your fingers, and it offers a wide variety of harmonic variations. Because of this, it is a great drum for both novices and seasoned players.

The Musfunny 6-inch steel tongue drum features an excellently finished surface, an attractive design, and the ability to resist corrosion. It is composed of high-quality alloy steel material.

This tongue drum can be utilized in a variety of settings, including yoga, musical education, meditation, and live percussion performances. It exudes sensations that are unadulterated and calming. Using this tongue drum can help relieve tension and bring calm and tranquil energy into your existence, making it an ideal present for children, friends, and anybody who enjoys listening to and appreciating music.


  • High quality build material
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Innovative construction to produce a wide range of soothing tones
  • Comes with all the necessary accessories
  • Perfect for both beginners and experts


  • May produce muffled sounds sometimes
  • The numbers are prone to fade off as a result of prolonged use

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Buying Guide for the Best Tongue Drum

If you are interested in buying a tongue drum, which we assume you have, you need to know a few things before acquiring the instrument because you are still reading this piece. There are numerous alternatives to choose from; it is possible that you purchase the wrong one.

You can look up the expert’s suggestions and opinions on the matter. But that can prove to be hard. You need a lot of spare time to do that. Or you can look at the reviews of the products online. That is a sure way to help. But that also takes a lot of time. And the reviews are very personal; people buy the tongue drums based on their personal preferences.

So, how to go about it? Well, we are here for that. Our team has gone through both expert opinions and customer reviews to bring the best steel tongue drums.

We will look at the features that should be considered while buying musical instruments called a tongue drum.


Tongue Drum Material

Tongue drums are a traditional Aztec musical instrument. These were originally known as log drums or tone drums. In modern times, it has changed a few of its characteristics. The especially recent invention in the material.

Originally tongue drums were made using means like wood or log. These were used to make tongue drums until Michael and Jonah Thiele used hardwood to make them. In modern times, tongue drum is made using steel. The steel drums are more melodious and have a wide range of tones and pitch, unlike the wood drums.

There are new materials like steel titanium alloy and such that are better and a bit more expensive. Make sure the drum comes with a good coating and rust resistant finishes. There are arcane scale tongue drum sets made with Aluminum.


Performance and Sound

Steel tongue drums have a unique resonance range and a sound spectrum that contains unique sound beats with spring sound effects. You can use the steel tongue drums to create sound frequencies and give you a more folksy, traditional vibrating sound. The steel tongue drum looks quite similar to the equinox scale handpan drum, but they differ in quality and production. Hand pans can make low and high pitch sounds.


Rust Resistance

Steel Tongue drums are made using tank drums. This is why the tongue drum is susceptible to rust and corrosion, which can be a major concern while buying a steel tongue drum. Different manufacturers have come up with a solution that deals with the issue. They have used rust resistant or rust free colors and varnishes that prevent rust. This way, you can be fairly certain that your hand drum will not rust.

But as a preventive measure, you can use a carry bag to prevent dropping the drum. And you can store the drum in a cool, dry place where there is no moisture that can set in the steel tongue drum. This will give your drum a longer serving life and keep the sound quality top notch.


Quality of Sound

The sound quality of the steel tongue drums should be precise. The sound should be smoother and meditative. Some people have compared the steel tongue drums to a bell sound; others have said it sounds like an empty propane tank, hence the name tank drums.

The relaxing sound is used for yoga meditation, so you need to figure out the sound quality from the steel tongue drums. The sound that comes from the steel tongue drums is magical, calming, ambient, and not too loud. The smooth sound is perfect for meditation. The relaxing sound should be your first preference.



Most steel tongue drums come in sizes of 16 inches to 20 inches. The larger drums have an open, punchier, and richer sound, but they can be a bit hard to play. The smaller drums sounds are narrower.

It is essential to know what type of sound you are looking for before buying the tongue drum, so you know you have bought the right scale tongue drum.


Number of Notes

Steel tongue drums come with a variety of the number of notes on a fixed tuning system. Some drums may come with 8 notes; some come with 15 notes. If you are looking to explore music, you can buy the ones with more notes. If you are playing a specific kind of music, you should stick with the lowest notes possible.

Many steel tongue drums come with a major scale to give you more sound effects. This is a personal preference. Based on what you want, you can buy the drum you need.



Although many people wouldn’t admit to it, the price is one of the major buying considerations for almost everyone. It is so common that people opt for lower priced products because of the budget. But we would argue it is better to spend more once than spending much more in installments.

Steel tongue drums usually cost between $50 to $500. While the higher-priced electronic drum sets are certainly better, the lower-priced ones— the budget option— can be very beneficial if you know what you are looking for. We hope this buying guide helps you do that.



Many people distrust brands, and with good reasons. But we will contend that many brands come with a lot of baggage, such as goodwill and reputation. They can not sully their good name for one bad product or even a batch of bad products. The profit motive is not enough to recover the goodwill they lose by doing this.

Moreover, they have a quality check and quality control ability in place. You can be sure that they check their products. If they mess up, they are quick to fix it because if the word gets out, the rivals and competitors will just take them out with vicious advertisements and attack ads. So, use the brands’ liability to your advantage.


Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are another important buying consideration. However, we have taken care of that for you. But it is important that you check for the number of reviews that are there for you. You can make a well-informed decision about any product based on the reviews. Not just the positive ones, the negative ones as well.

You need to make sure if the negatives of the product affect what you are looking for. It ever so happens that the bad reviews are because people misunderstood the details of the product and ordered the wrong ones.

Look for the reviews on each product that you buy, and leave reviews for the products that you buy. This helps other people.


Final Thoughts

To conclude, we would like to go over the fact that these tongue drums are highly recommended by users and customers. It comes with all the drums features that are deemed to be finest by the experts in the field.

These steel tongue drums are top-notch when it comes to features and customer recommendations. We understand that there may be other products that you would love to see on the list. But we assure you that if the product had enough reviews for us to look into, we would have listed it given that it had all the top features.

Still, you can write to us about the product you want to be reviewed and listed. We will certainly look into the product. We appreciate the input from our readers (data rights reserved by our privacy policy).

You can certainly write to us with your suggestions, comments, and support. We appreciate your feedback.



How do you pick a steel tongue drum?

Ans: Refer to the buying guide to know more in detail about whale drums. Keep in mind that there is a solid surface like Guda drums,

How much do hang drums weigh?

Ans: The weight is a matter of personal preference. But usually, around 5 to 7 pounds is good.

How much does the Hang drum cost?

Ans: Hang drums like, Guda drums can cost from $50 to $500 usually.

What is the difference between a Handpan and a tongue drum?
Ans: Refer to our buying guide for details.

What is the finest tongue drum?

Ans: Based on the reviews, Lomuty Steel Tongue Drum is the finest tongue drum.

What is the ideal size for a tongue drum?

Ans: Tongue drums sized around 8 inches and 10 inches are widely regarded to be the ideal size.

What is the ideal tongue drum for beginners?

Ans: Lomuty, Aklot, Yinama, and Asmuse are the most suitable tongue drum for beginners.

Which steel drum is the finest?

Ans: Lomuty makes the steel drum that most musicians prefer. Some come with American steel made.

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