Get To Know The Best Cello For Beginners – Reviews of Top Picks & A Buying Guide

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If you’re searching for the best cello for beginners, you’ve come to the right place! First of all, we all know that being a musician is amazing! The cherry on the top is when you plan to become a cellist because cellos are fantastic instruments to learn, and their rich sound provides soothing to your ears. Being a cellist is an incredible identity.

Cellos are one of the most melodic classical instruments. It has been around for at least 500 years, although it significantly changed from its original design. The cello is a fantastic instrument capable of performing multiple musical roles, and this versatility is why its rich tone has crept into almost every musical genre.

The cello balances out the high and loud pitch of the violin section, which brings the music back down to earth. Playing the cello means you get to play almost every part in the orchestra: the harmony, melody, and the bass line- often all in one piece. Moreover, the cello has incredible solo pieces.

The cello is a highly versatile string instrument. It can work as every string instrument in the orchestra. Moreover, you should definitely consider the physical strength which develops from cello playing. It requires healthy posture and strong back muscles, strong arms, and strong hands. Finally, the mental and psychological effects of hearing the beautiful sound of cellos don’t need to be explained more.

A beautiful thing about the cello is its ease of playing. Holding a cello is a lot easier on your body than on a violin or bass. You can learn cello at any point in your life, and it produces the high-quality sound. People have compared cello’s sound to the human voice for centuries, which is why it sounds so appealing to our ears.

So, if you’re a beginner who is passionate about learning to play the cello or you’ve just started playing the cello and want to buy the perfect one for you, this article is the one you should root for. Go through this article and make your day better by choosing the right cello for you!


Best Beginner Cello: Our Top  8 Picks With Great Sound Quality

If you want to stand out in the music industry or just want to learn music for your heart’s satisfaction, the cello is the perfect instrument you can rely on. In this article, we’ve described the 7 best cellos for beginners.


Mendini By Cecilio Cello

The Cecilio CCO-100 cello is an ideal beginner music instrument for any student who has dreams of playing the cello. The set includes all the important components to start learning how to play.

Mendini By Cecilio Cello


Cecilio Cellos are excellent cellos for beginners. They’re affordable and sound wonderful to play for a couple of years. The cellos are hand carved from solid tonewoods even though they are made in factories instead of violin shops.

As beautiful as most stringed instruments for adults and kids, this Cecilio CCO-100 cello has a crack-proof spruce top. It also includes a maple back, neck, and sides with a beautiful natural finish. It is an elegant classical instrument that produces a pristine sound quality.

This 4/4 Cecilio CCO-100 student cello is outfitted with a lightweight padded carrying soft case along with pockets and adjustable backpack straps. It also includes a brazilwood bow with unbleached horsehair, cello stand, rosin cake, and a supplementary set of cello strings.

When choosing an acoustic cello for beginners, it’s essential to find the proper size. The player’s height and hand size are essential. You can refer to their recommended ages and sizes for help.

The cello 4/4 is delicate like most band and orchestra musical instruments. Please note the bridge will not be set up to avoid damage during shipping.


  • Great beginners & student cello
  • Delicate
  • Elegant design
  • Crack-proof spruce top
  • A lightweight padded carrying soft case with pockets
  • Adjustable backpack straps
  • Bow made of brazilwood with unbleached horsehair
  • Maple back, neck, and sides with a perfectly natural finish
  • A cello stand, rosin cake, and a set of cello strings


  • Pegs might fall out

Final Verdict

Cecilio CCO-100 cello is perfect for beginners or students, and it is perfectly convenient to carry to school or orchestra. In addition, the customers have highly rated Cecilio CCO-100 as a good quality student cello.

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D Z Strad Cello

The D Z Strad Model 101 cello is a carved top cello with traditional components at an affordable price. It offers a fully carved spruce top with a maple back and sides. Although the cello is finished in an attractive, deep red varnish finish, the DZ cellos produce a clear and resonant tone than other cello brands.

D Z Strad Cello


The D A Strad Cellos warm and round tone, playability, hand-feel, and consistency will keep you motivated. It’s the most favorite among Suzuki and other private teachers as it is beautiful and dependable.

The cello is handcrafted with an importance on the dark red-gold lacquer finish giving it an antique style. You notice the loving care used to make this cello as it is 100% handmade with 100% hand-oiled varnish.

DZ Strad has used durable mahogany wood for the back and sides while having a spruce top. The chinrest, hard-carved pegs, tailpiece, and fingerboards are made from 1st-grade ebony wood. This value-packed Cello outfit includes Cello, cello bow, rosin, cello case, prelude cello strings, etc.

The D Z Strad Cello Model 101 is a remarkable instrument made from high-quality wood and handcrafted to perfection. It is one of the easy-to-play cello brands that will bring years of enjoyment to any cellist.


  • A fully carved spruce top
  • Maple back and sides
  • Dark red-gold lacquer finish
  • Clear & resonant tone
  • Warm and round tone
  • Playability
  • Hand-feel & consistency
  • Most favorite among Suzuki and other private teachers
  • 100% handmade with 100% hand-oiled varnish
  • Durable mahogany wood for the sides and back
  • Components made from 1st-grade ebony wood


  • Prelude cello strings need to be upgraded

Final Verdict

Where you want a beginner cello, or you want to ace the art of cello playing as an intermediate learner, D Z Strad Model 101 cello would serve perfectly for you, like primavera intermediate cello outfit. You’ll be blown away by the looks, tone, playability, and craftsmanship of this fantastic cello.

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Stentor Student Cello Outfit 4/4

Handcrafted in the Stentor factory workshop, the Stentor Student Cello is a higher-grade instrument made from selected tonewoods. The quality of the carving and their expert workmanship produces a student cello far superior to other student cello brands. 

Stentor Student Cello Outfit 4/4


Stentor cellos are hand carved from solid tonewoods. The icing on the cake is that the Stentor cello has hardwood pegs and fingerboard, and an alloy tailpiece with integral adjusters. In addition, it comes with a quality rayon padded cover, a good wood bow, and a case for giving you a cello outfit to work with.

Stentor cellos work the better as a student cello as the students would have a good instrument that will give them the depth of sound quality needed to develop. The Stentor Cello has a fine-grained solid top and solid maple back, neck and sides. It also features inlaid purfling and full ebony fittings.

Stentor cellos offer you a hardwood chin rest as well as super-sensitive red label strings. Their alloy tailpiece with four string adjusters and nylon tailpiece loop will blow your mind away. Moreover, the polished warm brown lacquer finish gives Stentor Student Cellos an edge over others.

Like primavera beginner cello outfits, Stentor cellos outfits include an octagonal wood horsehair bow with ebony frog and lightweight canvas covered case with padded backpack bag. This is one of the top cello brands out there!


  • Made from selected solid tonewoods
  • Good carving quality
  • Ebony fingerboard and pegs
  • An alloy tailpiece with integral adjusters
  • A fine-grained solid spruce top
  • Solid maple back, neck, and sides
  • Inlaid purfling
  • Full ebony fittings
  • Hardwood chin rest
  • Super sensitive red label strings
  • Alloy tailpiece with four string adjusters
  • Nylon tailpiece loop
  • Polished warm brown lacquer finish
  • Octagonal wood horsehair bow with ebony frog
  • Lightweight canvas covered case with padded backpack bag


  • Delivery issue

Final Verdict

The Stentor cellos are well made with all the right woods for the crisp sound quality, which can be a quality cello for beginners! The decent nature of the brazilwood cello bow makes it even more appealing to the customers! The instrument itself is just great for someone starting!

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Cremona SC-130 Premier Novice Cello

Cremona cellos offer solid hand-carved tonewoods for the most pleasing possible sound, and their lightweight construction means quality workmanship. The cellos are made from tonewoods such as spruce, maple, and ebony. Cremona cellos are good enough on their own. Still, they can be made significantly better with minor improvements such as upgrading the strings.

Cremona SC-130 Premier Novice Cello


Set up to MENC (Music Educators National Conference) Standards at their Cremona workshop in California, the SC-130 is our top-selling novice cello. The MENC standard ensures that the cellos are playable when they arrive. It’s no wonder that students and teachers favor Cremona over other student cello brands.

SC-130 Cremona cellos have oiled necks for a better feel and a well-balanced bow for ease of playing and ebony fittings and fingerboard. They also provide correct string spacing and string height for accurate finger intonation and positioning.

Properly fitted swiss-style pegs and a great lightweight composite tailpiece with 4 smooth fine tuners of Cremona cellos help you get easy tuning.

The upgraded Cremona SC-130 Cello is an improvement on one of the leading student cello packages. The SC-130 cello outfit includes a select brazilwood round horsehair bow, padded nylon bag, and most of all, a fine instrument.


  • Lightweight construction
  • Hand-carved solid spruce top
  • Hand-carved maple back and sides
  • Oiled solid maple neck
  • Polished ebony fingerboard
  • Ebony fittings & properly fitted swiss-style pegs
  • Composite with four built-in fine-tuners tailpiece
  • 4 smooth tuners
  • Cremona 2-Star aged maple bridge
  • Inlaid purfling & Steel strings
  • Translucent warm brown lacquer finish
  • AB-112C round brazilwood bow with a horsehair bow
  • Superior C-3908 TrailPak I padded nylon bag
  • Meets MENC Standards
  • Accurate finger positioning & intonation


  • Bridge might be wrong

Final Verdict

This superb value in an economy-priced instrument will bring the joys of cello study to many aspiring students. Cremona cellos do not work only as a learner cello; if your budget is tiny, they can work as your affordable intermediate cello brand as well! This might be your top pick if you want a perfectly workable cello within your budget.

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Eastar EVC-1 4/4 Acoustic Cello

The Eastar EVC-1 4/4 full-size Matt Natural Varnish Cello comprises good quality spruce wood panels, maple backboards, and side plates. The body of the cello has wonderful lines with a clean timbre and stable sound.

Eastar EVC-1 4/4 Acoustic Cello


Easter cellos maple-neck, pearwood fingerboard, aluminum-in-wire, four fine-tuning screws, and pear wood-tuning knobs are built with high-quality materials.

EVC-1 is a handmade instrument. The main practitioner’s friendly product refers to the fingerboard point of the muscovite points on the board. It is very convenient for students to find a position quickly during the learning process. The Brazilian wood bow is the unbleached Mongolian horse of the primary color and an adjustable support rod at the bottom of the Easter cello.

The fingerboard point of the EVC-1 introduced for this cello has a solid guiding ability for cello learning. Moreover, it comes with a stand, and the gap between the exercises can be placed on it.

The Easter cellos also feature an adjustment knob. The primary function of the fine adjustment knob is to help the cellist to make parts for tuning. It has a tail adjustment system; the most extended property is 13inch/33cm.

The excellent quality and high-strength nickel-plated brass offer no rust and are convenient for players of various heights to adjust the cello to the perfect performance height. During the outdoor jazz performance or indoor symphony orchestra playing, the performer can also stand or sit by his/her habits.

This cello set is fully equipped with the Eastar EAC-RO1 3 Pack Rosin Set as well. Eastar EVC matte maple wood cello was initially designed to meet the basic requirements of the cello brands for beginners, such as accurate pitch, medium tone, low process, and the ability to achieve maximum benefits with less money.


  • Very convenient
  • Made of spruce wood panels
  • Maple backboards and side plates
  • Beautiful lines body with clean timbre and stable sound
  • The fingerboard point
  • The Brazilian wood bow
  • Strong guiding ability
  • An adjustment knob
  • Tail adjustment system
  • Good quality and high strength nickel-plated brass
  • Equipped with the Eastar EAC-RO1 3 Pack Rosin Set


  • Bridges might be built too high

Final Verdict

Easter cellos are one of the most convenient cellos out there. They offer an excellent musical instrument design and are manufacturing their cellos dedicated to primary and intermediate musicians. So if you want your cello to look fabulous and as much convenient as you like with cool features, you should definitely go for the Easter EVC-1.

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Cecilio CCO-500 Ebony Fitted Flamed Solid Wood Cello

Cecilio CCO-500 is a full-size 4/4 cello that offers high-luster varnish cello with inlaid purfling. It has a fully hand-carved solid spruce top with a maple neck, back & sides. The Cecilio cello also features an ebony fingerboard, ebony pegs, and ebony tailpiece with mother of pearl inlaid and four nickel-plated fine tuners.

Cecilio CCO-500 Ebony Fitted Flamed Solid Wood Cello


It includes a hard and soft case, a bow with unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair, bridge, rosin, cello stand, and an extra set of strings. Moreover, the Cecilio CCO-500 cello gives you 1 Year warranty against the manufacturer’s defects.

Cecilio CCO-500 Cello is ideal for every musician of any skill level. Technicians inspect every cello at Cecilio’s distribution center in the United States to ensure that their high-quality standards are met.

Cecilio CCO-500 Cello is perfect for a beginner or student cellist. This outfit includes two cases: one featherweight hard-shell case and a soft case.

This cello is outfitted with hard and soft cases for making it convenient to carry to school or orchestra. The hard-shell case features adjustable backpack straps, two bow holders, an accessories compartment, and a large zippered pocket on the back exterior for music sheets. Soft-case is lightweight and well-padded with pockets and adjustable backpack straps to be convenient to carry to school or orchestra. These cases make Cecilio CCO-500 one of the most convenient and the best cellos in the market.


  • High-luster varnish
  • Inlaid purfling
  • Hand-carved maple neck, back & sides
  • Ebony fingerboard
  • Ebony pegs
  • Ebony tailpiece with mother of pearl inlaid
  • Hard & soft case
  • Very convenient
  • Unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair
  • Rosin, bridge, cello stand, and an additional set of strings
  • 1-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects
  • Adjustable backpack straps hard case
  • Lightweight, soft case


  • Pegs might not fit properly

Final Verdict

Cecilio CCO-300 Cello appears very beautifully at a very low price tag. This particular cello is of great value and will amaze you with its unique feature of having two cases for making it extra convenient!

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Merano Black Cello

Merano, like one of the few cello brands, delivers extreme affordability to you. Many of their cellos are over $300 that makes them especially good for absolute novices who might not continue playing after their first year.

While Merano cellos won’t garner a high resale value, they will undoubtedly meet the requirements of a novice and your budget.

Merano Black Cello


Merano cello fingerboards are built of hardwood and are pretty cheap. This is why Merano cellos can be great cellos for beginners. You can practice with it till you’re ready to buy a professional one.

Merano Black Cello has a spruce top and maple back. It also has ebonized pegs and a fingerboard on the neck and sides. Moreover, Merano cellos have a hardwood frog alloy tailpiece with 4 built-in tuners. In addition to that, it has a wood stick bow with genuine horsehair and a padded carrying bag that differentiate it from other cello brands.

Merano Cellos include many extras, including an extra set of strings, rosin, bridge, a music stand, a cello bag, and an electronic tuner. Buying a Merano cello outfit is one of the finest ways to stand out and to play in no time.


  • Affordable
  • Maple back
  • Ebonized pegs and a fingerboard on the neck and sides
  • Hardwood frog alloy tailpiece
  • 4 built-in fine tuners
  • Great beginner cello


  • Durability issue

Final Verdict

If you can’t afford a higher quality cello and are looking for a more affordable cello right now, Merano cellos would be the ideal cello for you. You can mess around it as the Merano cello makes a good starting instrument.

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D’Luca MC100 4/4 Meister Student Cello

Although D’Luca is best known for their accordions, they also create excellent cellos and a variety of other instruments. The city of Ontario in California is home to the company’s headquarters. They are a well-known manufacturer of cellos for use in educational institutions as well as orchestras, with a primary concentration on the beginners and advanced celloists.

D'Luca MC100 4/4 Meister Student Cello


This is an outstanding choice if you are seeking an instrument that already has everything you require included in the package. There is a choice between five distinct sizes to choose from. Because of this, it is beneficial to students of any age.

This purchase comes with almost everything you will need to get started playing the cello, including a high-quality horsehair cello bow, a clip-on chromatic tuner, an additional set of strings, a portable cello stand, a protective padded cello gig bag for performances, classes, and orchestra tours, a protective rosin cake for bow stickiness with enhanced vibrato, an extra set of strings, a medium-strength rosin cake, and a clip.

The body of the cello is made entirely out of maple- it features a maple bridge and top, as well as red maple for the back, sides, and neck. Rosewood is used for the fingerboard, pegs, and tailpiece, and it is meticulously polished to provide a lovely contrast with the maple coloring of the body of the instrument. It has been given a finish of luminous redwood varnish.

The design of this cello is flawless, and the finish is really classy. Some customers have reported that their orders arrived with problems, however, this is an extremely uncommon occurrence.

The ability of this cello to produce beautiful rich tones is something that a lot of people really admire. The quality of the instrument’s construction justifies the asking price, as it is quite robust overall. It maintains its tune for an extended period of time, and it is adjustable down to the smallest details.

This is a pretty reasonable purchase for a whole kit with an excellent design that is tailored suited for the ambitious budding musician, and it comes with all the miscellaneous items to enable you playing uninterrupted into the conceivable future.


  • A cushioned cello gig bag that protects the instrument
  • Reinforced top and back of a maple body
  • End pin that can be adjusted
  • Outstanding accessories are included with the purchase of this product
  • With a reddish-brown finish, it has a refined appearance
  • Affordable price
  • A portable stand is included
  • Absolutely stunning design
  • Incredibly well-built
  • Bright, clear sound of excellent quality
  • A variety of size options are available


  • The strings may not be of the best quality
  • Difficult to fit the bridge

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Buying Guide For Musical Instruments – How To Find The Best Cello For Beginners

We understand that buying your first cello is a significant event. Choosing the correct cello can be difficult, especially since it’s the second most prominent instrument in the string family. There are some factors and features to keep in mind while buying the best beginner cello.

As you already know, not all instruments are made equal. The perfect instrument can make learning the cello much more accessible and thus much more enjoyable for you. You’re going to spend probably thousands of hours with the cello, and this is why the cello needs to be perfectly suitable. You need to understand that you’re spending a lot of money on cello purchases, but you are also symbolically buying into the cello as a part of who you are, what you do!

We’ve come up with this perfect buying guide to ease you. We’ve accumulated everything you need to know before buying the beginner cello for you so that you don’t have to wander around here and there. Just go through this buying guide and thank us later!



Cellos come at different levels for players on various stages of their learning journey. The beginner cellos are also called student cellos. Young students or players at the very early stage of learning the cello are constantly working on the basics of playing, fingering, tone production, bowing, etc. Hence, maple, dyed black to resemble ebony, is sometimes used for pegs, fingerboards, and areas exposed to more friction. Since they’re machine-made and not entirely handcrafted using the most excellent quality wood, they’ll easily fit into any budget, making student cellos a great option for players still in the early developmental stage.


Types Of Beginner Cellos

There are three types of cello for beginners-

i. Acoustic Beginner Cello

The acoustic cellos are the most traditional and common cello to start on. They have a beautifully rich and melodic sound and are the top-notch instrument for anyone to begin on.

ii. Electric Beginner Cello

The electric cellos are less common to begin on. Still, some are out there with excellent playability at an affordable price. If you’re absolutely sure about only playing the electric cello, or if you want to practice silently, electric cello might be an option for you.

iii. Acoustic-Electric Beginner Cello

The acoustic-electric learner cello is a halfway instrument that gives you the advantage of a traditional sound while also amplifying the power. However, it comes with compromises.


String Type

There are two types of cello strings: steel and nylon, each with its own unique benefits. When students choose a nylon-stringed cello, they tend to be focused on finger comfort and string durability. Nylon strings will resist breakage while maintaining excellent flexibility to provide comfort throughout the learning process. If you have played the guitar in the past and complained about blisters on your fingers, nylon strings are a great option.

On the other hand, steel-stringed instruments are usually chosen once the student has learned the basics. The steel-stringed cellos are more challenging to play but produce a faster bow response and louder volume than their nylon string alternatives.



How much one pays for a cello typically means how much one can expect from the quality of the cello. A cello priced at the extreme low hundreds tends to be “unplayable.” In contrast, the more expensive ones can better balance playability and sound production. But, the price is undoubtedly not always an indication of product quality. It incorporates the name of the cello maker sometimes. As a cello maker’s fame increases, so do the value of the instruments he crafts.

Beginner cellos are the most affordable cellos you can find. They’re great for anyone on a budget. A decent cello for beginners would cost $500 to about $3,000. The cello should include the case, bow, and rosin. On top of this, you might want to get extra strings, sheet music, and a music stand.



Beginner cellos are available in an extensive range of sizes to fit the size of the cellist. The most common sizes of the cellos are 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 7/8, and 4/4 (full size).

Most adults play a full-sized cello, although a 7/8 size is available for smaller adults. If your height is more than five feet and above, you can use a full-size (4/4) cello. The cellists from four and a half feet up to five feet tall can use a 3/4 size cello. The cellists from four feet to four and a half feet will feel comfortable with a 1/2 size cello. If you fall in the middle between two sizes, you will be more comfortable with the smaller size. You can consult your teacher to have a better idea.


Quality of the Material

The quality of the material impacts both the sound and the price of the cello. The top portion needs to be made from spruce wood, and maple should be used on the sides, back, and neck for enhanced beauty and stability. Cheaper woods from America and China typically have a brighter sound than the warmer and sweeter tones of the more expensive European woods. The endpin should also be adjustable. If the tuning pegs are made of ebony, then the cello might be more valuable than other cellos on the market.

A few different kinds of wood can be used to manufacture a cello, including rosewood and boxwood. A well-made cello should be able to hide the center crease on the back with the flame. It is one way of quickly identifying quality workmanship.



Picking the most suitable cello bow to use with your cello is vital. When cellists are in the market, they look for a Brazilwood bow or Pernambuco bow. Although both come from the same tree, the pernambuco wood is of greater quality as it comes from the heart of the tree.

Bows manufactured from more affordable materials include carbon fiber or fiberglass. No matter the type of bow you select, ensure that it fits into your budget and you are comfortable while holding the bow in your hands.



Buying the proper cello accessories is essential, as they’ll protect your cello from damage and improve its overall sound. Standard cello accessories include:

  • Cello Stand: The stand is significant, as it’ll protect the cello from damage- something you are bound to do to keep your cello safe and secured.
  • Case: You need a solid case to store your cello as the instrument is very fragile. A robust and sturdy case is even more of a necessity for student cellos. Most cello outfits generally come with a soft case.
  • Rosin: The rosin is applied to your bow and is usually used to create friction between your bow and cello. Your cello would not make any sound without rosin.
  • Rock Stop: The rock stop is optional but lets you prevent the cello from slipping.
  • Extra Strings: Although you don’t need to replace cello strings as often as guitar strings, it still won’t hurt to have a spare set ready for when they do. Keeping an extra pair in your case is highly recommended.



With its rich history and purely marvelous sounds, the cello is a fascinating instrument. Its versatility and beauty ensure that artists will continue to explore new ways to perform on this instrument, delighting music lovers for centuries to come.

From Harry Potter, we quote that the cello chooses the player. A cello starter kit is an instrument to get you started on your cello journey. Your beginner cello should inspire and motivate you and should therefore have excellent playability, sound, and quality while keeping to your budget. We know that you do not want to play the cello only; instead, you want to conquer the art of playing the cello for the peace and sanity of your mind. When the sweet melody of your cello reaches your ears, you’ll definitely feel the satisfaction within you.

In this article, we’ve described our top 7 picks of the best cello for beginners with a complete buying guide. Also, you can write to us for more information (data rights reserved by our privacy policy). We believe that with the help of this article, you’ll be able to be an expert soon and who knows, maybe we’ll see you in a concert or an orchestra playing your cello soon! Good luck!



Are cheap cellos worth it?

Ans: Cheap cellos are definitely worth it if you’re running low on budget. You just have to consider some factors while buying the cello. Check out our buying guide for a better understanding.

Can I teach myself the cello?

Ans: Teaching yourself the cello might not be an easy task. However, you can rely on digital technology and online media, and tutoring for help.

How do I know if my cello is the full size?

Ans: If your cello is 4/4, then it is full size.

How long does it take to get good at cello?

Ans: It may take from 2-5 years to get good at cello.

Is cello easier than guitar?

Ans: No, the cello is not easier than the guitar. It takes longer to master a cello.

What is the best cello brand?

Ans: Cecilio cellos, D Z Strad cellos, Stentor cellos, Cremona cellos, Merano cellos, Primavera cellos and Easter cellos are some of the leading cello brands.

What is the best cello for a beginner?

Ans: There are many cello brands for beginners out there. You can check our top picks to get a clear idea.

What’s a good price for a beginner cello?

Ans: A good price for a beginner cello costs around $500 to around $3,000.

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