The Best Violin Case to Keep Your Violin in Perfect Condition: Reviews & Buying Guide

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When looking for the best violin case, keep in mind that it will be the first impression someone has of you when you carry it around. You’ll also need a violin case that’ll suit your prized possession. Before you start searching, take a good look at your violin.

Violin is an extremely delicate and valuable instrument that, due to its size, is easily scratched or shattered. Irrespective of how vigilant you are with your violin, it is likely to be hurt or shattered if it is not properly protected with a quality violin case. To safeguard a violin from significant harm, it is wise for a professional violinist to invest in a high-quality and long-lasting violin case.

We’re here to help you with your search.

In this article, we have researched and assessed the seven high-quality violin cases on the market in detail. You will also find an all-inclusive buying guide to assist you in choosing the best violin case for you or considering other options. Finally, we answered some of the most frequently asked questions on the internet regarding violin cases.

Let’s glide in!


8 Best Violin Cases Reviewed: Our Top Picks

The non-stop lifestyle of millennial performers requires their violin cases to be high-level portable and lightweight cases. There are many excellent manufacturers on the market making modern cases for modern life. When choosing a violin case, consider how you will travel your instrument.

Let’s review our top picks one by one.


ADM Full Size Violin Hard Case

This ADM hard violin case is one of our most cases which are affordable options for carrying full-size violins. But this violin case has a lot going for it.

ADM Full Size Violin Hard Case


This violin case has a round, triangular form and black exterior fabric. It’s lined with waterproof nylon Oxford. On the move, you won’t have to worry about rain harming your violin. A zippered pocket stores sheet music.

The handle is made of sturdy plastic. With six backpack straps on the outside, it can be carried like a backpack. With multiple carrying options, this case enables handsfree travel with additional luggage is a plus.

Each strap contains an adjustable metal D-ring for a snug fit. And it’s only 2.6 pounds. Carry it comfortably with your violin and bow inside. Protect it with black rubbery bumpers when out and about.

The inner lining is a luxurious navy. There’s a cutout for your full-sized violin. A Velcro strap around the neck adds added security. However, the Velcro strap isn’t finished in the same blue cloth as the interior.

There is a blue blanket to cover your violin. Of course, this will keep it dust-free and prevent your bows from rubbing against the instrument at the same time.

This case can accommodate two bows. On the other hand, there’s also a little compartment for rosin, mute, etc.

These violin cases are 31 inches long, 9.8 inches wide, 4.7 inches tall, and they don’t take much space.


  • Affordable price
  • Aesthetic design with triangular forms
  • Lightweight case and easy to carry with backpack straps
  • Enough space for accessories
  • Durable case
  • Waterproof exterior
  • Sufficient suspension system


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Aileen Lightweight Violin Case with Hygrometer Suspension

The Aileen 4/4 Full Size Violin Hard Case is a lightweight violin case. This is one of the greatest ultralight violin cases available today, weighing under 5 lbs. and sporting a sleek, compact design.

Aileen Lightweight Violin Case with Hygrometer Suspension


Despite its modest size, the Aileen 4/4 Full Size Violin Hard Case has plenty of storage space for two bows and other small components.

The Aileen 4/4 Full Size Violin Hard Case lacks a dedicated shoulder rest compartment. Instead, you must use an external holder to store it.

This fiberglass case is sturdy with a superior, strong body and stylish with a soft velvet interior.

These cases come in a wide variety of colors, including blue, black and other colors, and at a reasonable price.

To help keep your violin safe at all times, the violin case has a built-in hygrometer that provides accurate humidity measurements. It is also very comfortable and easy to carry with multiple straps and handles.


  • Significantly lighter and compact design
  • An easy to carry case
  • Includes a hygrometer
  • Fiberglass shell
  • Multiple color options
  • Soft and beautiful padded velvet interior


  • No dedicated compartment for shoulder rests

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FINO Professional Oblong Violin Hard Case

The Professional violin case from FINO is the least expensive on our list but does not look like that.

This violin case is oblong and made of water-resistant fabric. The violin case is made of plywood and is light. A full-length zippered pocket on the outside holds your music sheets and a pencil.

FINO Professional Oblong Violin Hard Case


It has two adjustable shoulder straps so that it may be carried as a backpack. Alternatively, remove the backpack straps and utilize the plastic handle. It weighs less than three pounds and is easily handled either way.

Inside is a rich red velveteen luxurious interior. Two bow holders with contrasting cream satin ribbons are included. A hygrometer placed between the bow holders monitors the humidity level of your violin.

Suspension cushions encircle the violin’s cut out to keep it still. A basic black Velcro band secures the neck.

An open crescent-shaped chamber near the scroll holds a cleaning cloth. The large storage compartment at the violin’s base has a lid for rosin.

It’s also big enough for shoulder rest, but not too big. Shoulder rests with folding legs are nice. A larger rest like Bon Musica Shoulder Rest will be too big.

The wooden case and Styrofoam suspension cushions provide excellent protection. It’s not as heavy-duty as other cases. It won’t safeguard your violin in more difficult conditions.


  • Lightweight for easy carrying
  • Inexpensive
  • Includes hygrometer
  • Luxurious look
  • Dedicated music pocket and a small shoulder rest compartment


  • Not the sturdiest option

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SKY Professional Oblong Violin Hard Case

The Sky Violin Oblong Case is made of solid wood with a canvas material exterior.

This oblong case has four bow holders, convenient if you consider carrying four bows, storage compartments for rosin, a shoulder rest and shoulder straps, and a clear string tube for your extra strings. In summary, it holds most of your violin gear.

SKY Professional Oblong Violin Hard Case


This Oblong Case has both hand and shoulder straps which are fully adjustable, allowing you to carry it in either hand or over the shoulder.

These violin cases also have luxurious velvet interiors in a European design. They are protected from the elements by a rainproof canvas layer and have a hygrometer for moisture monitoring.

The only problem with this violin case is that its price is on the steep side. The weight of this violin case is also on a heavier side, which is 7 lbs. Aside from these little flaws, the Sky Violin Oblong Case is a great buy.


  • Stunning interior with velvet lining
  • Four bow holders
  • A waterproof canvas coating
  • Strong construction with solid wood
  • Carry handles and backpack straps, making the case easy to carry
  • Built in hygrometer
  • Adjustable shoulder strap


  • Expensive and on the heavy side

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Protec MX044 4/4 Violin Shaped MAX Case

The Protec MX044 4/4 Violin Shaped MAX Case is the perfect choice for those looking for a high-quality violin case without breaking the bank.

Protec MX044 4/4 Violin Shaped MAX Case with Shoulder Rest


This violin case is a great value for money and is offered at a great price.  It lacks certain strengths and extra features as a budget case, but it still offers a lot.

There are no locks or fancy water resistance technologies. Still, this violin case is designed well, with a solid and sturdy frame that can absorb shocks and keep your violin safe.

This violin case includes two bow holders and a zipped large accessory pocket for all your accessories like the shoulder rest, bow spinners, and spare strings.

Some users dislike storing their violin accessories in a separate bag, but this is a necessary compromise when buying a budget model.

It is one of the lightest cases we found. People of all ages appreciate carrying it around, whether it’s on their shoulders, in their hands, or on their backs as a backpack. It even includes a matching blanket.


  • Lightweight
  • It can be carried like a backpack
  • Includes a blanket
  • Strong frame to absorb shocks
  • Spacious accessory compartments
  • A budget friendly violin case


  • The build quality is not that strong

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Crossrock Full Size Violin Case

The Crossrock 4/4 Full Size Violin Case is a strong, sturdy model with an ABS covering. It is also available as Carbon Fiber Pattern PC Case.

Crossrock Full Size Violin Case


The violin case alone is a testament to its strength. It comes in various colors to fit any taste, including blue, yellow, purple, green, black, and silver.

This violin case has a large removable accessory pouch with a separate lid, a hard foam core with a half suspension system, and a plush lining. There’s room for two bows, and the case can be carried by the handle or as a backpack.

Despite their strength and durability, these cases are of compact size and lightweight. The case lacks a hygrometer, which is the biggest issue. It also has a combination lock, which keeps your violin inside safe and secure, which only a few cases have.


  • Strong outer shell with quality craftsmanship
  • Multiple color choices
  • High-density foam interior
  • Combination lock for security
  • Surprisingly lightweight and compact case


  • Does not include a hygrometer

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Bam France Contoured High-tech Violin Case

Finally, we have something much more heavy duty, a strong contoured case from Bam Frances. It is a great case, and its exterior is made up of three layers of AIREX, ABS, and PVC for the best protection.

Bam France Contoured Hightech Violin Case


The case also features heat-resistant High-tech shells. It is one of the finest travel violin cases available, exceeding most different cases from competitors.

It has an airtight seal that keeps pressure, making it shockproof. It also includes rubber anti-slip handles to keep it stable when stationary.

It suspends the instrument with foam padding and a velvety black interior, which is a great addition. It contains bow holders for two bows and a zipped mini-case as an accessories pocket. This case is not scratch-resistant.


  • Good protection with triple layer exterior
  • Airtight seal and high-quality case
  • Weighs less than 4 lbs. and is fairly easy to carry
  • Patented interior foam coat
  • Sophisticated design
  • Heat resistant High-tech shell


  • No larger shoulder rests compartment or music pocket
  • Not scratch proof, no protection against scratches

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Roaring Iron 4/4 Full Size Violin Case

Roaring Iron’s wooden violin case is ideal for musicians who prefer the more traditional look of their instruments’ carrying case. This beautiful violin case is crafted in a timeless and refined manner. The crocodile patterned leather violin case with groovy metal accessories has a good feel, thorough craftsmanship, and a smooth look. This can be easily carried about.

Roaring Iron 4/4 Full Size Violin Case


All the materials used to construct the case are of the highest grade. It’s made to last and sturdy enough to keep your prized violin safe.

This case’s protective shell is made of a high-quality substance. The violin is well-protected from the elements thanks to the combination of a tough leather case and a solid wood shell. Accidental damage to your violin can be avoided thanks to the retro design strong handle and firm latch.

In contrast to the hard exterior, the violin case’s interior is constructed of plush and foam, and it comes with a complementing blanket to protect your valuable instrument from scratches, dents, and fingerprints.

It’s all about the slick design of this violin case. The violin case includes a hygrometer to maintain the instrument’s form and sound quality. The hygrometer helps you keep track of the environment’s humidity levels so that you can monitor the violin’s condition.

Two bow holders are included, as well as an accessories compartment for storing extras. It prevents you from missing them. Two adjustable shoulder straps are included with the bag, making it easy to use on a variety of situations.

You should check the dimensions of your violin before purchasing this case to make sure it is compatible. Various companies may produce violins in a variety of shapes, therefore some of them cannot be used in conventional situations. Compressing the foam within your case will not harm it in any way. Roaring Iron’s quality control procedures reveal that approximately one percent of the violins they evaluate cannot be stored in a case. A refund is available if you are not satisfied with the case.


  • A classic, retro-style design
  • High quality construction materials
  • Sturdy exterior
  • Soft and adjustable interior
  • Comes with a hygrometer
  • Includes two bow holders and good-quality leather shoulder straps
  • Refund is available


  • There is an odd chemical smell
  • Weak strap knobs

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Buying Guide for the Best Violin Case

When buying the best violin case, there are numerous additional features and variables to consider. Even when buying an old case, you must analyze each of these factors and decide how significant they are to you.

Some people prefer easy transport cases, but the majority are more concerned with finding the case that provides interior and exterior protection and support for their violins.

Continue reading to learn about the individual variables you should be aware of.


Perfect Fit

The most important factor is the fit. You need to find a case that fits your violin. Violin cases are designed so that you can’t cram your violin in like your feet into your favorite shoes. You need a violin case that exactly fits. For example, a full-size (4/4) case for a 34-size violin isn’t necessary.

Why is this so? Because even the slightest movement of your violin case might cause damage. So, to keep your violin safe, buy the properly sized case.



Along with the case’s dimensions, consider its weight. Violinists carry their violins a lot, typically over great distances, upstairs, and more; thus, you don’t want a bulky new violin case. This is particularly true if you suffer from back pain or other conditions that could be worse by heavy lifting. To make things easier and comfortable, invest in lightweight cases.


Interior Padding

An excellent violin case’s interior should mold to your instrument. Remember how we said you have to pick a case that fits your violin? This is why.

Ensure the interior is padded with a “French” or “Semi-French” fit. The internal contours will cushion your violin in the event of an accidental drop, impact, or collision. Thus, it is highly recommended that the new case should have the ability to absorb shocks.


Hard Exterior

Violins cases can be made of premium or more affordable materials. The materials determine the case’s durability and strength. Wood, compressed foam, and carbon fiber are the most common materials used to construct violin cases. Wood is the heaviest material to handle, whereas carbon fiber is the lightest.

The cases should be lightweight and easy to carry. Additionally, they should have the ability to absorb heat and keep your violin safe and sound.



A perfect violin case’s parts are what make it last. These include hinges, zippers, d rings, locks, etc.  These are the parts that require a violin case to be replaced.

How will we know if the case will hold up? By brand! Popular brands are dedicated to making the most durable violin cases. These violin case makers go above and beyond to assure the quality of their cases with the innovative manufacturing process and durable components.


Extra Compartments and Bow Placement

You’ll notice that almost every violin case has a bow case. While purchasing a violin case, make sure your bow won’t touch the violin when closed. Also, if the case has a second compartment, make sure it’s secured, so nothing touches your violin.

Make sure your case has enough bow holders, depending on how many bows you want to carry. Use the extra compartment to store your wiping cloth, pencil, and rosin. Just make sure they’re securely packaged, so they don’t fall on your violin.

Many cases have zipped sheet music pouch.  A full-length padded sheet music pocket is customary on almost all traditional wooden cases for extra protection.

Most contoured cases don’t include sheet music slots because these curved boxes are narrower than music sheets.

It is possible to get a violin case with extensible sheet music pouches, making the pockets deeper to accommodate A4-sized music. A4-size sheet music pouches are now standard on many hardshell cases.


Hygrometers and Thermometers

Your violin is constructed of wood. Extreme conditions like being too damp or too dry can harm your instrument.

The meters allow you to monitor changes and prevent hairline fractures. You can install a digital hygrometer or thermometer individually in any violin case. Note that while the violin case is closed, these two should not touch the violin or its bow.


Lock System

Most typical cases have keys. More modern cases have combination locks. So, you may lock your case without fear of losing your key.

Violins are expensive musical instruments. Make sure your violin case has a reliable lock system to prevent theft. Try to get one with a combination lock system for better protection.


Nature of Your Travels

The last thing to do is to contemplate why you bought the violin case in the first place. How will your violin case travel? This will decide what you should choose among different cases. Factors including durability, protection against inclement weather, your own style, and weight will be considered.

If you are only a beginner musician and travel to school, a simple violin case will do. Suppose you are a professional violinist who travels long distances frequently. In that case, you may want to consider a high quality and durable option.


Types of Violin Cases

We can generally find four kinds of violin cases based on their different shapes and different sizes and styles. A violin case’s shape is also a matter of personal preference and one’s own style. No one shape is superior. The pros, features, and drawbacks of each shape should be considered as well.

i. Oblong Violin Cases

Oblong violin cases are arguably the most common and typical cases. The traditional sturdy wooden shell is a common feature in almost all oblong cases.

These cases are spacious. These models can accommodate various sized shoulder rests. An oblong case usually features a sheet music pouch on the outside.

But with greater space comes extra weight. Oblong cases typically weigh 5.6-9.5 lb.

ii. Shaped Violin Cases

Shaped violin cases are popular due to their compact shapes.  They commonly hold two bows. There is generally room next to the scroll for a Kun-style or Wolf Forte shoulder rest.

Usually, the removable accessory pouch is little. Only rosin and a cleaning cloth will fit.

Some curved cases feature large pockets underneath. Those pockets can hold shoulder rests, pens, rosins, etc.  Contoured cases also lack sheet music pockets. The curved case is narrower than typical music sheets.

Shaped cases are great for traveling musicians. This lighter case fits well in aircraft overhead bins, making it perfect for air travel.

iii. Half Moon Violin Cases

Half-moon violin cases are between shaped and oblong cases. They’re more spacious than contoured violin cases. Their fixed or removable accessory pouches are slightly larger, sometimes as big as oblong cases. However, not all of the half-moon violin cases are that spacious.

Shoulder rests are not available in these popular cases. If you don’t mind the lack of rest, half-moon violin cases are the most durable and unusual cases available.

iv. Cabin Violin Cases

Cabin violin cases are specially made for air travel. So, they don’t exceed airline carry-on regulations.

The case looks like a cello-shaped case and only fits a violin. In addition, the casing has a bow tube. Two elastic straps hold the bow tube to the case.

One violinist can check in their bows because they aren’t as susceptible to being pushed around by luggage handlers or sudden temperature fluctuations under the plane. So, the case can be safely placed in the overhead cabins.


Violin Case Maintenance Tips

  • Always remember to put your violin inside the case when you are not playing.
  • Don’t store your case somewhere not safe because your violin can get wet or be tipped over.
  • Ensure that your violin case offers special features to keep your violin cool against extreme temperatures.
  • Stick to using a soft, dry cloth to clean it regularly. Wood polish that is made for violins could help in this regard too.
  • Make sure to always use different clothes for cleaning and polishing
  • Always keep the pegs of your violin or viola in a proper position


Final Thoughts

With current synthetic cases and extensive study materials, several violin cases with numerous finish options are available to ensure your violin is in safe hands.

Hopefully, our review has met your appetite. All the features mentioned in our buyers’ guide will help you with a future purchase.

Our list includes the best violin cases according to the reviews from the customers, experts, and professional musicians. With this list, you get the best of both worlds! We hope you find the best violin cases in the world from here.

If you have any recommendations or feedback, contact us directly (data rights reserved by our privacy policy)! Follow us to find the music stand and the double violin case for carrying two violins at once. Good luck!



How protective are violin cases?

Ans: An incredibly protective case is necessary. The violin should not crack if the violin case is dropped (this is called suspension). In short, one should never consider sacrificing protection for price or look. Carbon fiber cases, fiberglass cases, and Hightech cases are so protective that you can drive over them!

What is the best violin case brand?

Ans: BAM cases are the choice of many classical violinists whose instruments can cost thousands. They are durable and protective cases and the best violin cases in the market.

What is violin case made of?

Ans: Violin cases are built of strong materials like wood, metal, or a mix of these. Hard cases protect violins against impact, pressure, and other risks.

What should the humidity be in my violin case?

Ans: A violin’s optimal relative humidity range is 45-55 percent.

What violin case should I buy?

Ans: Your violin case should be made of solid materials. A cloth-based carrying bag will not protect your expensive instrument and is not a “cost-effective” option. Most hard violin cases are made of wood, compacted foam, or carbon fiber (lightest weight).

What violin cases do professionals use?

Ans: Top professional violinists trust the following cases to secure their instruments: Gewa Air violin cases (with subway strap or subway handle), Bam Hightech violin cases, and Musafia violin cases.

Where do you put a humidifier in a violin case?

Ans: The best violin cases come with separate compartments for humidifiers. A great violin case offers humidifiers with their packages which most violinists prefer.

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