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The Best Tambourine is a genuinely fascinating musical instrument which is vital to many musical styles and many musical hits. People have used the tambourine for rock music, church choirs, orchestras, and so many other styles of music.

Tambourines are a versatile musical percussion instrument that is used widely for its sound and service. Bands and orchestras routinely use tambourine all over the world for the refreshing sound that it provides. When played to perfection, it is sublime! Tambourine works perfectly well with other musical styles as well, like rock, folk, and ethnic songs.

That’s right; today, we will be trying to find the best tambourine. We have selected the top reviewed products and crossmatched them with the top features to make this list. You will find these features under our buying guide section.

Let’s not wait any more, and see our top picks, Mr. Tambourine Man!


8 Best Tambourine reviewed: Our Top Picks

Finally, let’s jump into the best tambourine list-


Meinl Percussion TMT1M-WH Dual Alloy Recording Combo Tambourine

Meinl Percussion TMT1M WH Tambourine is the highest reviewed tambourine on our list. It is the bestseller in this category. Let’s take a look at why.

Meinl Percussion TMT1M-WH Dual Alloy Recording Combo Tambourine- Best Tambourine


The jingles or cymbals are made with steel and brass and are set in a double row setting. The jingles are nickel plated for better sound as well. We all know nickel plated jingles are durable too. The sound is warm and has a resonance that is only possible from brass. The jingles or cymbals are set in a mixed style, pair of brass jingles with a pair of steel jingles.

This is a headless tambourine, also called rock tambourine. The frame is made with synthetic material. It is durable and weather resistant. The tambourine has a top edge that is ridged for making guiro-like sound effects.

The frame is ergonomically designed, and this tambourine features a padded foam grip. This foam grip helps you play the tambourine comfortably. This tambourine is great for all events and for all levels of competency.

The manufacturers claim the Meinl Percussion TMT1M WH specs are-

  • 7 ounces
  • 10″ wide x 1 3/4″ tall all-weather synthetic frame with ridged “guiro” surface
  • 7 pairs nickel plated steel + 7 pairs of solid brass jingles or cymbals
  • 5″ long padded ergonomic hand grip
  • Extra durable, long-lasting construction
  • Strong steel pins to mount jingles
  • Made for indoor and outdoor playing
  • Great for all musicians and singers

The price point on Meinl Percussion TMT1M WH is middle range, but the quality ensures the deal is a very good deal for you. There are foot tambourine options available for you from Meinl Percussion. Although some users claim the foot tambourine has a weak strap.

Customers have said it is very good for church band; it is light weight and very firm, and solidly constructed. It can create a rich, loud boom without much effort.


  • Great double row tambourine
  • Mixed pairs of jingles or cymbals, nickel plated jingles or zills
  • Professional quality synthetic shell or frame
  • Quality tambourine with brass and stainless steel jingles
  • Lightweight musical percussion instrument for playing church bands, drummers, and other percussionists performance


  • Foot tambourines have low quality straps

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Musfunny 10 inch Tambourine for adults

Musfunny tambourine is a tambourine 10 inches for adults. Let’s take a look at the features.

This tambourine is a professional grade percussion tambourine. The shell or the rim is made with birch, and the jingles or the cymbals are made with metal. The tambourine is a headless tambourine, or otherwise called rock tambourine. You can use this for parties, dance, and concerts.

Musfunny 10 inch Tambourine for adults


The grip is shaped for a comfortable hold. This tambourine has curved edges; these tambourines are perfect for teaching young kids to play a percussion instrument.

The metal jingles give you the melodious plink; it is 10 inches in diameter. The tambourine is light weight and easy to hold and carry. The price of this tambourine is affordable and is a very convenient gift item for your loved ones.


  • Superb single row tambourine
  • Metal pair of jingles or cymbals or zills
  • Great for church bands, drummers, and other percussionists performance


  • Too light

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Remo TA 5210 70 Fiberskyn Tambourine

This is a premium quality, highly recommended tambourine on our list. We will take a look at the features that warrant such high recommendations.

Remo TA 5210 70 Fiberskyn Tambourine


Remo TA 5210 70 tambourine features a patented Fiberskyn tambourine head; the fiberskyn tambourine produces a classic warm sound. The design is a lightweight traditional tambourine.

Remo tambourine has a construction of Acousticon shell that comes pre-tuned. You have the options of single row 6 inches 6 jingles or cymbals set, 8 jingles are available in a single row and double row styles in 8 inches and 10 inches model.

Remo TA 5210 70 is a great tambourine that is affordable and high quality tambourine. It is the perfect tambourine for recreational, professional percussionists, and drum enthusiasts.

There are size options and finishing options available for you. All the options are durable and lightweight. Because the tambourine is pre-tuned for all music styles, it is ready to play.

Remo TA 5210 70 is a premium quality tambourine that is perfect for beginners and professionals. The jingles produce warm ad clear sounds for your musical needs.

The price point on this premium quality tambourine is in the middle range. It is a perfect item for your occasional gifts for your friends and family.


  • Double rows and single row tambourine
  • Quality jingles or cymbals or zills
  • Professional quality percussion instrument
  • Quality tambourine with patented Fiberskyn tambourine head
  • Patented Acousticon shell or frame
  • Pre tuned and ready to play classic
  • Lightweight musical instrument for church bands, drummers, and other percussionists performance


  • Not tunable

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Luvay 9″ Double Row Tambourine

This is a headless tambourine that is also called a rock tambourine by some people. Luvay double rows tambourine is a half moon shaped tambourine that has 20 pieces of jingles or cymbals.

Luvay 9" Double Row Tambourine


The grip is ergonomic and comfortable to hold 3.5 inches grip that allows you to play the instrument with ease and grace. The rim is made with high quality, heavy duty plastic frame that is durable and functional for long uses.

The sound quality that this Luvay Double row tambourine produces is bright and clear. This cutaway designed, ergonomic, and hand-held metal tambourine is very affordable and a perfect gift item.

There are two color options available for you, black and red. You can buy either of these highly recommended double row tambourines.


  • Quality pairs of jingles or cymbals or zills for producing the desired sounds
  • Professional quality classic percussion instrument with plastic frame
  • Quality tambourine with an ergonomic grip with great plastic frame
  • Suitable for church bands, drummers, and other percussionists performance
  • Great value for money


  • Not for expert players

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YMC Half Moon EZ Grip Tambourine

YMC Tambourine has a double cutaway design that comes with a double row of jingles for your playing needs. This half moon tambourine features precise sounds through the 20 jingles that produce the brightest sounds and gives you the top-drawer service.

YMC Half Moon EZ Grip Tambourine


The frame is made with high quality heavy duty plastic; this is high quality construction that can serve you for a long time on end. The grip of this half moon tambourine is ergonomic. It is easy to hold and play and gives you the highest quality sounds for your band, church, or other percussion needs.

This YMC TAM20 PK tambourine package includes a double row tambourine and a retail color box that is very pleasing to see. There are four options available for you in terms of color, blue, green, white, and pink.

The price of this hand-held tambourine is very affordable, while the pink one costs a bit more than the other colors; those colors are not any less desirable or have lower quality. This can be a perfect gift item for your close ones! Buy, now!


  • Classic double row tambourine
  • 20 pairs of zills or jingles for great sound
  • Half-moon EZ Grip sturdy tambourine for bright sounds
  • Quality tambourine with ergonomic grip, low prices
  • Lightweight musical percussion instrument for church bands, drummers, and other percussionists


  • Smaller diameter jingles

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EastRock Double Row Tambourine

The material used to make the EastRock tambourine is ABS material that is strong and durable. It is environmentally friendly and safe. The double row tambourine has jingles made with stainless steel. These are water proof, wear resistant, and won’t get damaged if dropped.

EastRock Double Row Tambourine


The sound quality that this tambourine produces is a warm, crisp, and pleasant sound. This headless tambourine is made in a unique design. It is a half moon, semi circular arc design for easy hold. There is a convex handle that makes it easier to play. There is a non-slip grip on the handle that allows you to play the tambourine without having to worry about dropping it.

The jingles are curled for precise sound and easy playing. This is an easy to control tambourine, so it is perfect for beginners and intermediate students, as well as for church choirs and bands. The sound quality is multi toned, colorful, and precise. You can use this tambourine in any setting, classroom, band, orchestras, anywhere.

This tambourine is available in many colors.

  • Halfmoon-1-BLUE
  • Halfmoon-1-BLACK
  • Halfmoon-1-GREEN
  • Halfmoon-1-RED
  • Halfmoon-1-WHITE
  • Halfmoon-1-YELLOW
  • Halfmoon-BLACK
  • Halfmoon-BLUE
  • Halfmoon-GREEN
  • Halfmoon-RED
  • Halfmoon-WHITE
  • Halfmoon-YELLOW

The price of the EASTROCK tambourine is pretty reasonable and affordable. The fact that it comes in many colors makes it a perfect gift item for you.


  • Double row tambourine with affordable price
  • Quality jingles, zills curved for the best sound
  • Arc shaped tambourine, available in many additional colors
  • Quality tambourine with ergonomic grip
  • Lightweight body, useful instrument for playing church bands, drummers, and other percussionists recording


  • Not suitable for professional use

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Latin Percussion LP160 Cyclops Mount Wh

Latin percussion is one of the most famous companies in the percussion and music industry. This is their tambourine for you. It is a very high quality product that has caught the attention of drummers, percussionists, professionals, trainers, and learners alike.

Latin Percussion LP160 Cyclops Mount Wh


Latin Percussion LP160 tambourine is a drum kit mountable tambourine that features a patented design that is very easy to play and doesn’t limit arm movement. You can play this tambourine in any situation.

The jingles are made with nickel plated steel that gives you the brightest sound possible. Brass jingles can give you a similar service, but nickel jingles last longer. There are models with dimple jingles that offer you the option of warm, distinct, and cutting sounds.

The jingle has a patented pinning system that holds the jingles in place; that way, you don’t have to worry about extra noise or too low sounds. You know you will get the perfect amount of sound every time.

You can use this Latin Percussion LP160 tambourine on a hi hat; it comes with the mechanisms to attach it with a hi hat. Or you can play it like the regular tambourine. It is designed for comfortable holding, ergonomically made, comfortable and durable for playing.

The Latin Percussion LP160 tambourine price is actually a middle range, but this product’s quality and longevity make the investment a worthwhile and smart investment. The Latin Percussion LP160 tambourine will last a long time. This is why it has caught many people’s attention, including drummers or percussionists who prefer a tambourine that can be mounted and take the toughest stick beating and still be as good as new.


  • Ideal single row tambourine is made in a patented design
  • Quality pairs of nickel plated jingles, zills pinned in space for finest sound
  • Nickel plated jingles can be used in a mount stand for playing
  • Quality tambourine with ergonomic grip, affordable price
  • Lightweight instrument for church bands, stage drummers, and other percussionists


  • Pricier than other tanbourines

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Eastar 10″ Single Row Jingle Tambourine

This tambourine has been created by one of the most prominent musical instrument brands with the beginner musicians in mind specifically.

Eastar 10" Single Row Jingle Tambourine


The bells of the Eastar Tambourine are crafted from a stainless iron of the highest quality. This material, in contrast to standard aluminum sheets, has a clear sound and is attractive after electroplating. Each set of bell parts has three recessed connection points, which decreases the amount of friction, increases the number of times the bell pieces strike each other, and creates a sound that is more continuous.

The poplar drum body measures 0.335 inches thick, which equates to 8.5 millimeters, and offers the optimum vibration for this tambourine. However, make sure you don’t accidentally drop the tambourine on the floor because doing so will cause the bell piece and the drum body to become broken.

The drum skin used by Eastar is manufactured, has a delicate feel, is waterproof and wear-resistant, and is light in weight. These qualities make it particularly well-suited for entry-level tambourines, particularly those used by children. There will be no protrusions or spikes, and it will not hurt your hands, as the drum skin and the drum hollow are fixed with fabric strips and adhesive.

To keep time with the song, the user can strike the drum head with one hand while holding a tambourine in the other. This allows them to play along with the beat. It is able to produce a sound that is extremely pleasant to the ear. This product has great music because it is made of stainless iron bell components, has a clean appearance, has good vibration, and uses a particular manufacturing technique.

You will also receive limited product service support for this product for a period of twelve months when you purchase it.


  • Suitable for beginners
  • Built with high-quality stainless iron
  • Less friction
  • Good vibration
  • Delicate skin
  • Waterproof
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Easy to hold
  • Does not scratch your hands
  • Easy to sync with drum playing
  • Comes with a 12-month product service support


  • Users reported issues with product delivery
  • Not suitable for professional use

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Buying Guide for The Best Tambourine

A tambourine is more than just a few metal jingles or zills on a ring or just a drum-head. It is so much more when it comes to expanding your sound options. This requires a careful selection of the right tambourine. That is half the work spend. We will walk you through the features that make a tambourine stand out as a percussion instrument among all the other products in the market.

There are many types, sizes, and shapes of tambourines; each has its advantages and disadvantages. We will discuss all that and much more. This compact and comprehensive guide will walk you through the details that will enable you to buy the right. Knowing these features, you can buy a suitable tambourine for your band, orchestra, or Church Choir. Let’s see these features, then!


Types of Tambourines

There are two types of tambourines available on the market. There are foot tambourines, but we are not going to cover the foot tambourine here. One is tambourine with a drum-head, or tambourine with skin, called skin head tambourine; and the other is called headless tambourine. Let’s see why they are different from each other.

1)     Skin head Tambourine

These tambourines come with a drum-head. This skin makes the tambourine double time as a drum. You play the drum set with your palm, not knuckles. Using knuckles can damage the skin on the tambourine.

There are several types of materials used to make the drum-head.

      a)     Natural skin

A drum-head made with calf skin, goat skin, sheep skin, or pig skin is a natural skin tambourine. These will produce warmer, deeper sounds. The sound will also be richer. Along with these, you can perform finger and thumb rolls on natural skin head tambourine.

The natural skin head tambourine can be affected by weather and humidity.

      b)     Synthetic Skin head tambourine

Synthetic skin head tambourines are cheaper than natural skin head tambourines. These skin head tambourines are not as susceptible to the weather and give you a clearer, pop sound. Synthetic skin head tambourines can be used for a variety of reasons and musical styles. These skin head tambourines have caught up in demand very fast!

2)     Headless Tambourines

These tambourines are called headless because they don’t have any drum heads. These are often called Rock Tambourine because you have seen rock singers use them more often than not. These tambourines are bigger in size (we will discuss that in the size guide). These tambourines add snares and can add to the beat of your music.

We have covered both skin head tambourines and headless tambourines on our list.


Tambourine Size

The most common size for a tambourine is 10 inches, but there are other sizes too. There are larger tambourines, but they tend to be heavier and can be a hassle for some people. There are smaller tambourines available, as small as six inches. As you go smaller or bigger in size, the sounds change accordingly.


The Shell

The shell is the ring on which the skin and the jingles on the skin head tambourines are held. The size we have mentioned. But the material can also impact the functionality of the tambourine. The main material is wood. But there are other synthetic options available.

Although the material doesn’t affect the sound much, it can affect the weight. Experts suggest that it is better if the shells are made with lightweight wood. The shell holds the jingles, usually in two staggered rows. The jingles are different in size, and that creates rhythmic overlap.

We have covered wood tambourines and synthetic material shells for you.



Tambourine jingles, or cymbals, or zills are mainly made with three metals-

  • Bronze cymbals or zills
  • Copper cymbals or zills
  • Silver cymbals or zills

But some low priced jingles have a brass tambourine, while other tambourines have aged and heat treated materials. This increases the complexity of the sound.

The selection of jingle comes down to personal choices. Suppose you prefer a specific type of sound for the specific type of music you are interested in. In that case, you can go for the corresponding jingles. We will discuss the most common materials and their sound profiles here for you.

i. German Silver

German silver zills give you a wet, crisp sound that is higher in pitch and can be easily heard over the other instruments. These are very sensitive and can be used in bands.

ii. Beryllium Copper

These jingles are made for a lower pitched, lush, and dry sound that can be very articulate.

iii. Phosphor Bronze

Phosphor Bronze jingles are even more lower pitched. They give a more dark, mellow, and dry, articulate sound.

iv. Brass

Brass jingles are found in budget tambourines, but that doesn’t mean they are any less desirable. These jingles give you a full bodied, warm sound. The sound is perfect if you can execute it perfectly!

v. Heat Treated Jingles

Heat treated jingles can be made with silver or copper that is nickel plated. They produce complex and colorful sounds that add to the natural sound of metal. The professionals prefer these percussion instruments because of their sound quality and colorfulness.

The number of jingles is directly dependent on the size of the tambourines, but they usually come in double rows. More jingles mean more volume. You will find six sets of jingles on an eight-inch double row tambourine and eight pairs of jingles on ten-inch jingles double row tambourine.

You can find almost all jingle material tambourine on our list here.



Tambourines are usually very cheap compared to other instruments like guitars, drum kits, piano, or stringed instruments. You can find a tambourine for around or less than $10, or if you go for an expensive one, you can go up to $50. But the sound quality will remain pretty much the same. Our list features tambourines that are both high in quality and reasonable in price.

This guide for buying the right tambourine will help you figure out the most desired features. Or you can choose one for yourself because we have selected the high-quality tambourines for you with all the premium features.


Final Thoughts

We have listed the top-rated tambourines with top-notch features. You can be sure of the quality because these come with recommendations from users and experts.

If you think we have missed any tambourine that should be here, this is not because we have preferred other products. But that is not true because our primary consideration was the number of reviews. Probably if your preferred product had enough reviews, it would have made our cut.

This is a reason for leaving reviews of the things you buy. Your reviews help other people select the right products for themselves. And their reviews will help you buy the right products for yourself!

If you have any queries, comments, experience, suggestions about any of these products, you can write to us (data rights reserved by our privacy policy).



Are all tambourines the same?

Ans: Skin Head Tambourines and Headless Tambourines are different, but tambourines of the same types are generally the same. But more expensive tambourines have better services than inexpensive budget tambourines. You will get great value for your money if you go for the mid-range tambourines. Wood tambourine costs more.

How do you pick the best tambourine?

Ans: Refer to our whole buying guide to know the various ways of how to select a good tambourine. You can look for a wood tambourine; keep that in mind.

How much does a good tambourine cost?

Ans: Tambourines are generally inexpensive products that cost from around $10 to $100. Wood tambourine costs a bit more.

What are the different types of tambourines?

Ans: There are two types of tambourines, as you have seen in our buying guide. Skin Head Tambourine and Headless Tambourines.

What does a tambourine add to the music?

Ans: Tambourines like rhythm tech add snares and beats to the music.

What is a tambourine made of?

Ans: Tambourines are made of wooden shells or synthetic shells; they can have skin heads, synthetic heads, or headless ones. The jingles are made with silver, copper, or bronze.

What is the most suitable tambourine for rock?

Ans: Remo ta 5210 70, Rhythm tech, Meinl Percussion TMT1M-WH are the finest tambourines for rock.

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