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The violin shoulder rest is an important tool for professional violin players and beginners. It is what keeps your violin to your shoulder that keeps the violin stable and does not fatigue your shoulder. This accessory is fixed on the back of the violin. Some pads keep it comfortably on your shoulder. It also prevents the violin from slipping away so you can play your violin comfortably. Some of the violin shoulder rests can be bent or compressed with pressure, allowing them to resist extra pressure and stay stable.

On our today’s piece, we will look at the finest violin shoulder rests. We looked into the top-rated products on the market and researched thoroughly, based on the superior features. We’ve also considered what experts say on this topic. We have short-listed 8 shoulder rests with the top-not features!

We will discuss the necessary features in our buying guide. And you will have some FAQs answered at the end of the article!

So, let’s start!


Best Violin Shoulder Rest: Our Top Picks Reviewed

Let’s see what the greatest options on the market are, and we hope you find yours!


Kun Original 4/4 Violin Shoulder Rest

Kun Original Shoulder Rest is the highest reviewed product in this category. These are one of the most premium products in the violin world.

Kun Original 4-4 Violin Shoulder Rest- Best Violin Shoulder Rest


The Kun Shoulder Rest has a practical design that has become the favorite for amateur and professional players. The design is simple and uncomplicated, with a very simple mechanism for even beginners.

This is a full-sized 4/4 violin shoulder rest. But it is available in all sizes. It comes with T-shaped feet and needs not be taken off to fit the violin into the case. Rather, the manufacturers warn you, taking it off and putting it on can harm the violin.

The Kun shoulder rest is adjustable in three directions. The patented locking devices make it easy to keep the violin stable and control balance while playing. The locking device is fitted with end members.

This keeps the violin from shaking and wobble or swivel. Customers have stated that this shoulder rest doesn’t cause neck pain, collarbone issues, or muscle spasms. It is pretty easy to assemble and easy to put on. Other users have claimed that they found this rest doesn’t cause pain even after hours of playing.

The curve of Kun Shoulder Rest is not too steep, which makes it fit for many violinists. The sizes are available for all the violin sizes.

The price is also reasonable, considering the premium quality. It comes with great reviews and recommendations. If you would like a warranty, you can contact the seller from the link above.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Designed to reduce shoulder tension
  • Fully adjustable rest, unique shape feet
  • Favorite of amateur and professional players
  • Locking mechanism for keeping correct posture
  • For full sized violins and other sized violins
  • Affordable price


  • Some users said the instruction manual can be misleading

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Bonmusica 4/4 Violin Shoulder Rest

Bon Musica is a very famous and highly recommended brand of products. And this Bon Musica Shoulder rest is one of their most popular shoulder rests. It boasts on the fact that this is a left-hand player friendly shoulder rest.

Bonmusica 4-4 Violin Shoulder Rest


This promotes freedom, stability, and the ability to easily shifting. It doesn’t impede the vibration that is needed to enhance the warmness of the music.

The shoulder rest design is contoured to match the shape and curves of most shoulders. So, this can be a perfect fit for people of all ages. The rest is for full-sized violins, though.

The foam padding is thick and very resistant to wear and tear. Bon Musica Shoulder Rest is very comfortable for all users. You can play for hours with it on, and the material is sweat proof, so you don’t have to worry about getting the foam wet.

The product is ergonomically designed to relieve extra tension on your neck and shoulders. This makes sure there is no scope of neck pain and shoulder spasms and fatigue.

The Bon Musica shoulder rest is very easy to put on and very conveniently adjustable. You can use it at any height of your comfort.

Bon Musica is a German-made product, and the price can be a bit higher than usual. But the quality warrants a high price. Viva la Musica.


  • Good quality ergonomic design for comfort
  • Adjustable rest; creates no issue for long neck
  • Friendly for left handed players
  • Favorite of amateur and professional players


  • Big budget expensive product

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EVEREST EZ-4A Violin Shoulder Rest

Everest EZ series comes in many shoulder rest sizes. The EZ 4A is an easy model for 4/4 violin and can be adjusted to ¾ violin sizes. There is the EZ 3A that is a dedicated 3/4 sized violin and can be adjusted o 1/2 size violin and so on.

EVEREST EZ-4A Violin Shoulder Rest


The features of the Everest EZ 4A come with some very excellent elements. We will discuss them in order here.

The Everest EZ series, including Everest EZ-4A, is specially engineered for fitting. The designs are made with high capacity computers. This allows you to use the violin for a perfect performance. The Everest EZ 4A comes with an ergonomic design that gives you the correct raise for the most comfortable playing angle.

This shoulder rest is very comfortable, durable, and very stylish. That’s is why it is one of the most praised products among violin teachers, students, and professionals. It is a suitable training tool for the trainers.

The Everest EZ-4A is an adjustable shoulder rest for violin. There are grippers that come with screws that can fit the instrument to your preferred height. The durability of this good violin shoulder rest is unmatched. It is made of high grade ABS material that is very strong.

There are no special angle brackets or thumb knobs. It is a simple design that allows the most functionality without any added effort. The parts are identical and interchangeable; you can attach the whole apparatus by yourself. The holding legs and foam is made with the highest quality check.

The feet are made with soft, non slip materials. The foam is made with extra soft plastic neoprene material for comfort.

The most vulnerable areas are reinforced for extra durability for you. This Everest EZ 4A is the perfect example of perfect style and elegance.

The Everest EZ 4A is very affordable, and considering the quality, it is a very good deal.


  • Designed to reduce shoulder tension and uncomfortable feel
  • Fully adjustable rest for keeping up with your playing posture, for long neck people
  • Most violinists praised this model
  • For full sized violins and other sized violins
  • Favorite of amateur and professional players, alleviate confidence
  • Ergonomic design
  • It can be a perfect instrument to experiment and test


  • Few customers faced some delivery issues

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Kun Collapsible Violin Shoulder Rest

Kun Collapsible Shoulder Rest is a highly recommended product. Let’s see what the features are. It has the most practical and simple design among the shoulder rests.

Kun Collapsible Violin Shoulder Rest


This is the Kun Original Shoulder rest like design with convenient adjustable mechanisms. This quality makes it a very popular among amateur and professional players.

The streamlined body shape of the shoulder rest makes it very convenient and comfortable to use. It is available for viola, full-size violins, and other sizes of violins.

The Kun shoulder rest comes with a simple and quick adjust finger level that gives you a very fine adjustment. There are no screws, so that is a plus on the design. The shoulder rest has width; this is very comfortable and convenient when it comes to hours long training or orchestra performance. The feet are collapsible, so you can put the violin inside the violin case without taking the shoulder rest off.

There are very soft rubber sponges that give you a solid and secure hold on the shoulder. This also helps stabilize the violin and takes some of the weight off of the violin. This doesn’t impact the sound or the vibration of the violin.

It comes in two designs, metallic bronze, and metallic black. You can buy it for a really affordable price, and this is very much a great option as value for money!


  • Ergonomic design for comfort, rubber padding
  • Adjustable height rest with finger levels
  • Must have with violin set
  • Collapsible feet takes less space for easy storage, not time-consuming
  • Favorite of amateur and professional players
  • Great value for money


  • Slightly pricier

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Fiddlerman Wood Violin Shoulder Rest

Fiddlerman is one of the top brands when it comes to high quality violin and other musical instruments. This Wood violin shoulder rest is one of their finest products. Let’s see why it comes with such high reviews and recommendations.

Fiddlerman Wood Violin Shoulder Rest


This is the perfect shoulder rest for many players, advanced and amateur players alike. It comes in all sizes; you can also fit 14 inches viola with the shoulder rest.

This is made with solid wood; a shoulder rest made with solid wood lasts longer than any other. And additionally, it is aesthetically pleasing and looks like a part of the violin. This adds to the resonance, keeping up the warm resonance.

Fiddlerman violin shoulder pad comes with foam padding that makes it easier to play with this attached to the violin. The whole product only weighs 58 grams.

There are height adjustable two feet that can be set to any height. The collapsible shoulder rest feet allow you to store the violin in the violin cases without taking it off.

This is good product for beginners and professionals alike. The price tag is affordable, and the wooden rest comes with a 12 month warranty from Fiddler shop. You can buy this without any worry of risk.


  • Ergonomic design for comfort
  • Fully adjustable height rest for people with a longer neck height
  • Wooden shoulder rest for a long life
  • Collapsible feet for the primary purpose of storing in the violin case easily, easy attaching
  • Favorite of amateur and professional players
  • Affordable price
  • 12 month warranty on the musical instruments


  • Foam padding is glued to the rest; no adjustable strap

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NANYI Violin Shoulder Rest for 4/4 and 3/4 with Collapsible and Height Adjustable Feet

The Nanyi shoulder rest comes in many versions. Let’s look at all the features.

NANYI Violin Shoulder Rest for 4/4 and 3/4 with Collapsible and Height Adjustable Feet


This is the most popular model from Nanyi. This is made with high strength PVC board skeleton. The grain is wood like; this is very strong and durable. There are many other models and comfortable options for the Nanyi shoulder rest.

  • 1/2 Carbon fiber gear sliding- made with high quality carbon fiber. It is very durable. Carbon fiber is wear resistant, and there are sponge contact surfaces for a comfortable and safe fit. There is also a shoulder pad that keeps fatigue, neck pain, and sprains away.
  • 1/2 Grid pattern- same features, but differs in design and position
  • 1/2 Yellow two feet
  • Premium Large Arc with high quality wood. The skeleton is made with high strength aluminum alloy. There is an elastic sponge that keeps you comfortable and keeps the violin stable. There are shoulder pads for neck pain reduction.
  • Carbon fiber focus grid pattern
  • Wooden shoulder rest

The PVC board is very durable and environmentally friendly. There are rubber feet that are anti skid, sticking still, and are stable on the violin.

The shoulder pad is very comfortable and provides cushioning between the shoulder and the violin. It is very comfortable for your neck and shoulders. There is no chance of pain and spasms.

The price tag of this product is in the affordable range and a very good deal indeed.


  • Ergonomic design for comfort, foam padding sponge rests
  • Fully adjustable for long necks
  • PVC board skeleton wooden grain shoulder rest for a long life
  • Favorite of amateur and professional players
  • Many better options available, including a fold-collapsible model
  • Low price, easy adjusting


  • Not capable of fitting 1/2 size violin

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Fiddlerman Light Carbon Fiber Shoulder Rest 4/4

This Fiddlerman shoulder rest is made with carbon fiber. But that is not the only thing that sets this apart from the others.

Fiddlerman Light Carbon Fiber Shoulder Rest 4/4


The Fiddlerman Light Carbon Fiber Shoulder rest is presented with a sleek design that makes it a desirable tool among the players who play professionally. The body is made with a lightweight carbon polymer composite. This rest can fit violins and viola.

It is guaranteed to give you a satisfying performance with the top-notch service for a long time. There are durable feet that are padded; this allows you to take the rest on and off without worrying about scratches and damage to the violin.

The feet on the Fiddlerman shoulder rest are height adjustable and very secure. You can adjust the height to your preferred spot for easier playing, and it will stay there unless you change the size.

The streamlined, lightweight carbon fiber makes it very durable and useful for a long time. There are foam paddings for the highest protection and maximum comfort.

The whole apparatus weighs just under 60 grams. There is an option of the fake wood design if you so decide.

Its price is very affordable, and it comes with a 1 year warranty. This is a perfect for learners practice, amateurs, professionals, and teachers. Buy now if interested.


  • Ergonomic design for comfort
  • Fully height adjustable, lightweight carbon fiber
  • Durable rubber feet for more load
  • Favorite of amateur and professional players
  • Great value for money
  • 1 year warranty


  • The grip didn’t suit few users

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Wolf Violin Shoulder Rest Forte Secondo

The Forto Secondo is the most popular product from Wolf Violin Shoulder rest packages. It also comes with great recommendations from users and experts.

Wolf Violin Shoulder Rest Forte Secondo


At the very start, it is a sleek looking product that has a high gloss finish. The rounded edges make the product perfect for the electric violins as well. There is rubber tubing covering the feet; this gives the shoulder rest a solid grip, firmness, stability, and security from unwanted scratches. There are flexible spring feet that allow you to shape the shoulder rest according to your need.

The legs of the rest are bendable, and you can modify this to your desire. Moreover, the backplates are flexible, and you can shape it ergonomically to your preferred style.

Wolf Violin shoulder rest’s Forte Secondo is an excellent choice for the learners practicing and advanced players. The foam pad makes it very comfortably fit your shoulder. This gives you a firm and stable feel while giving you the security of aggressive playing.

The Wolf Forte secondo comes at a bit higher price than usual. Still, the quality and durability, not to mention the customizability, is worth all that money.


  • Flexible backplates for flexible body shapes, custom ergonomic design for comfort
  • Fully adjustable, with spring to break fall
  • Durable rubber feet, perfect for electric violin
  • Favorite of amateur and professional players doesn’t movement


  • The feet’s rubber could wear off sooner than expected

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SUEWIO Violin Shoulder Rest

This shoulder rest for the violin is adjustable to fit any of the four standard sizes of the instrument. Adjustments can be made to the height, width, and angle using the screws that are located on both sides. You have a choice between two different options to purchase. One choice accommodates violin sizes of 1/2 and 1/4, while the other choice accommodates violin sizes of 3/4 and 4/4. Traditional high-stress locations have been strengthened so that they can withstand wear and tear over time.

SUEWIO Violin Shoulder Rest


The manufacturer is very proud of its user-friendly and ergonomic design. The shoulder rest has a one-of-a-kind design that was created using a computer model. This design ensures that it provides exceptional stability and support, which prevents the violin from slipping off and relieves stress from your neck and chin.

In addition to that, it is a shoulder rest that does not weigh very much. The total weight without packaging is 53 grams, and even the long hours spent practicing and playing, you won’t have any discomfort or fatigue in your shoulder. It is an excellent option for those who are just starting out as well as those who have years of experience.

The SUEWIO Violin Shoulder Rest utilizes high-quality components throughout its construction. The foundation of each violin shoulder rest is crafted from a resin material of the highest quality, and the other side is covered in a plush and dense EVA foam, which combines exceptional support with the highest possible level of comfort. In order to protect your violin from being scratched or damaged in any way, the rubber feet grips are crafted from a gentle, non-skid, wear-resistant silicone material.

In addition, when you purchase this violin shoulder rest, you will be given some wonderful goodies. A violin practice mute and rosin are included in the packaging, in addition to the shoulder rest for the violin. When you don’t want to wake up your family or bother your neighbors, this is an excellent method for rehearsing and playing the violin.

Because SUEWIO is committed to providing their clients with the highest quality products possible, they back each violin shoulder rest they sell with a warranty that is valid for a full year.


  • Available and adjustable for all violin sizes
  • High-stress areas are reinforced
  • Ergonomic design for providing the highest comfort
  • Lightweight
  • High-quality construction materials
  • Offers exceptional support and stability
  • Water-resistant and non-skid build components
  • Comes with useful accessories
  • Comes with a 12-month warranty


  • Users found issues with long-term durability
  • Might not be comfortable for younger violinists

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Buying Guide for the Best Violin Shoulder Rest

Many people don’t think it is very necessary to have a shoulder rest. Still, the majority of experts, professionals, musicians, and teachers think it is one of the essential accessories for learners and advanced players. We will discuss the top-most features here in this buying guide.

Now, let’s see the features that you should look for in a violin shoulder rest.


Violin Shoulder Rest Sizes

Like violin size is not the same for everyone, violin shoulder rest sizes are not the same. They vary vastly depending on who is using it. Keeping this in mind will assist you in purchasing a better product. A fit violin shoulder rest should cup the upper part of your back and support the violin with stability on the front.

Shoulder rests come in sizes the same as the violin sizes. So, if you have a full sized 4/4 violin, you should get a full sized 4/4 violin shoulder rest.


Materials of Violin Shoulder Rest

The material of a product is another very important buying consideration. You need to select high-quality material per personal choice to get the most out of the violin shoulder rest.

i. Plastic

The most common material of shoulder rest is plastic. These rests are very light weight, flexible, and very durable.These are cheaper alternatives for high-end alternatives and very good for beginners.

Some users have said that the plastic can affect comfortability positively and negatively as well.

ii. Wood

Wooden rests are also very common. These are also very durable and lightweight and have better quality. Wood shoulder rest has a smooth and stylish finish; this matches the natural ebony color of the violin.

However, wood can be a bit harder and less flexible. These are a bit expensive compared to the plastic ones.

iii. Carbon Fiber Shoulder

Carbon fiber is another modern material that is used to make shoulder rests for violin. Carbon fiber shoulder rests are flexible and very durable. These are on the more expensive side of the price tag, but the durability and service life make it worth the price.

iv. Metal

Metal shoulder rests are another material that has caught a lot of attention over the recent years. These are more rigid and sometimes customizable. This allows personal comfort and better stability.

But the issue of weight is always a big concern for some people. Many lightweight metal options are now available and are catching up in the market. So consider your weight preferences before buying a metal model for yourself.


Types of Violin Shoulder Rests

There are three different types of shoulder rests based on the functioning system and process.

I. Foam Shoulder Rest

Foam shoulder rests are made using foam construction. These rests are held by rubber bands or adhesive. Foam rests are comfortable. The padding allows you to play violin for a long time without fatigue.

II. Clip On Shoulder Rest

Clip-on shoulder rests have feet on both sides; the feet are attached to the rim of the violin. The clip-on shoulder rest comes adjustable in height and angle. The clip-on rests are very convenient for beginners.

III. Air Cushion Shoulder Rest

The inflatable cushion are very comfortable for beginners, and some professionals also use these.


Violin Shoulder Rest Height

The correct height of the shoulder rests is a very important feature that you should look for. This often comes very useful or hampering your performance.

People with short neck should go for shoulder rests that are thin, and has less pad.

People with long necks should go for the taller option. The height of the shoulder pad affects the ability to play the violin conveniently.

The options with the adjustable rubber fit are more convenient because you can adjust the height to your specific needs. If the height is not right, you may need to lift your shoulder the whole time. That can be very straining.


How To Put a Shoulder Rest On a Violin

After buying the right shoulder rest, you need to know how to put it on. This is an important skill to have acquired early for your kids, children, and beginners.

Here is a three-step guide for putting the shoulder rest on a violin.

  1. It’s easiest to hold the violin face-up in your left hand with the tailpiece facing back for the shoulder rests with feet.
  2. Next, slide the foot onto the edge with your right hand and clamp it in place with your index finger.
  3. Then, with your right foot over the top of the instrument, gradually move them both down to a solid and comfortable angle.


Final Words

Our carefully curated list features the highest-quality violin shoulder rests, which are recommended by the experts. The shoulder rests presented here are the finest as per the experts’ and customers’ reviews.

We understand that there may be some products that we may have missed. If you are of the opinion, you can share your recommendations with us (data rights reserved by our privacy policy). We will look into the products.

We appreciate your support and suggestions. You can write to us about your experience and feedback.



Do professional violinists use shoulder rests?

Ans: There is a difference of opinion on that. Some people claim that there is no need for shoulder rest, but many teachers suggest using standard shoulder rest.

Does shoulder rest affect the violin’s sound?

Ans: Some have argued that the shoulder rest absorbs some of the vibrations; this can cause some effect on the violin’s sounds. Others have suggested that the clip-on style shoulder rest can also do the same. But there is no definitive answer for that.

How much is a violin shoulder rest?

Ans: A good violin shoulder rest costs anywhere between $10 to $100, depending on the material and build quality.

Is it OK to leave shoulder rest on violin?

Ans: It is okay because the shoulder rest and chin rest doesn’t damage your violin. But this can cause issues with putting in the violin cases.

Is violin bad for your neck?

Ans: Some people have suggested there is a chance of developing pain in the neck, but with good quality shoulder rest, you can avoid that.

What is the finest violin shoulder rest?

Ans: There are many brands such as Kun Original, Kun Collapsible, Everest, Playonair, Bon Musica, Fiddlerman, and Wolf Forte secondo who make top-notch shoulder rests.

Which shoulder does the violin rest on?

Ans: Traditionally, the violin shoulder should rest on the left shoulder. But people usually put it on their favorite shoulder. It is really a personal preference of the players.

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