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Best Harp

Buying the best harp can be a very tough job. If you are willing to invest in a good harp worth of money, you need to ensure that you are getting the most value for money. And, let’s face it, a good harp is an expensive musical instrument.

Before you spend your hard earned money on the wrong one, here is a list of the best harps for you. We selected these harps based on customer and user reviews and cross matched them with the premium features. We have saved a lot of trouble for you.

You will find a comprehensive guide for buying in the article. And we have answered some FAQs as well.


7 Best Harps Reviewed: Our Top Picks

Here are our choices for the top picks for you. We hope you find a great harp for yourself.


AKLOT Mahogany Harp 15 Strings

Aklot harp is at an affordable price and is the highest reviewed harp on our list. Aklot Harp is one of the top harp brands in the harp community around the world.

AKLOT Mahogany Harp 15 Strings


The first thing we noticed about this harp is the construction material. It is made with premium mahogany wood. The finishing of this Aklot 15 string harp is smooth and sleek. It looks professional without all the costs that a professional musician harp entails.

The second thing we noticed upon holding the harp was the strings. There are 15 strings on this harp. Each string is colored for your convenience. There are ball ends and steel string posts that lock the strings in place. This makes sure that the tuning lasts longer.

Aklot harp strings are nylon strings. These are the most common type of strings because of their beautiful sound quality, tight budget-friendly, and longevity. The string produces sounds like that of the pianos but softer and more elegant.

The Aklot harp is a Celtic harp, or otherwise known as an Irish Harp. The mahogany body of the harp makes sure you get a warm and mellow sound.

The sound quality is complemented by the large sound holes underneath the harp. This makes sure you get a full resonate and spread out the sound with high volume and bright tone.

Aklot 15 string harp comes with a strap that allows you to carry and attach it to your shoulder and neck. You get to free your hands and focus on playing harps.

It also comes with a carrying bag and a tuning wrench. This is a perfect instrument for Adults, Kids, Beginners, and professional musicians alike.

There are many variations of this harp available with an increased and decreased number of strings. But the one we have seen is a 15 international standard string harp. The price of this one is affordable price. Considering the superior quality and positive reviews simultaneously, we can conclude that this is a great harp to buy.


  • Celtic harps
  • Great harp for beginners, and new instrument
  • Fewer strings with lighter tension nylon construction
  • Perfect harp exactly what is needed for your new harp
  • Perfect string spacing with ball ends and steel string posts
  • The sound quality rich and resonant voice
  • Perfect for jazz music, folk music
  • Larger holes for better sounds


  • Some items can be missing from the package (seller is responsive and reacts fast)
  • Not good for two-handed double harps

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Mid East Kinnor Harp, Light

This is a superior-quality harp on our list. Mid East Kinnor harp is also known as King David’s harp.

It is the national instrument of Israel. The sound of this harp is considered to be sacred and relaxing. It has many other qualities besides these religious significances.

Mid East Kinnor Harp, Light


The soundboard is made with a Rosewood frame and light ash. This makes sure that you get the finest sound quality for meditation, worship, or relaxation.

There are 10 DuPont nylon strings for the biblical scale. This instrument is very special and spiritual for Christians.

The size of this harp is 27 inches, very lightweight, and easily portable. Many people use this harp in their churches and relaxation sessions.

This small harp comes with a nylon case and tuner tools.

Mid East Kinnor harp costs a bit more, but the sound quality of the harp makes the deal very good and worthwhile.


  • High-quality harp with religious significance
  • Beginner harp for choir singers and churches
  • Fewer strings with lighter tension nylon construction
  • The sound quality rich and resonant voice


  • Price can be a bit high for beginners

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Rees Harps Harpsicle Harp Natural Maple

Rees Harps has all the necessary features that a professional harp should have. We will look at the amazing features now.

Rees Harps Harpsicle Harp Natural Maple


The Rees Harps Harpsicle Harp is very well designed and has a sturdy build. It is light and portable for first harp users. It is used in acoustic therapy practitioners and is recommended by acoustic harp therapy programs; the sound quality is good and pleasant. This is perfect for therapy.

The string spacing is perfect for the first time harper. The Rees Harps Harpsicle Harp can be played in the C, and A minor key but can be tuned to any other scale.

The Rees Harps Harpsicle Harp is made with natural maple, one of the most premium materials for harp. This makes the harp durable and sturdy for a long time use.

This harp looks expensive, and the sound it produces is professional. It can be used for folk music, jazz music, and other music styles.

The size of this harp is 33 inches and has 26 strings. The price of this harp is high, but not high in the professional standards.

It is in the affordable range in the professional harpists’ community.


  • Natural maple wood construction
  • 26 strings with 3 ½ octaves
  • High-quality harp made with solid wood
  • Superb harp for beginners, kids, and professionals
  • Lightweight, a bit better harp than the other
  • Harp music quality rich and resonant voice


  • Price can be an issue for first harp users (if so, look for a used harp)

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Roosebeck Lily Harp, 8 Strings,

Roosebeck is one of the well-known harp brands around the world. This is one of their greatest harps for your choosing. Roosebeck Lily harp comes with many recommendations and has almost all of the premium features.

Roosebeck Lily Harp, 8 Strings,


This is one of those smaller harps that are perfect for your desk or fireplace mantel. The size of this harp is just 15 inches; it is very easy to carry and convenient to play.

There are 8 DuPont nylon strings in a range from C above middle C to high C. This makes sure you get the proper sounds for almost all musical styles. These strings are durable and long lasting; you can play your music for a long time with these strings.

There is a tuning tool included with the package for your tuning needs. It is a well crafted harp made from solid wood.

The Roosebeck Lily harp is a small and lightweight harp that has been the customer’s favorite harp for many years. Also, the price of the Roosebeck Lily harp is affordable.


  • High-quality harp made with solid wood
  • Fantastic concert harp for beginners, kids, and professionals
  • Fewer strings with lighter tension to play music
  • 8 DuPont nylon strings for quality sounds
  • A tuning tool is included for all playing styles
  • The sound quality rich and resonant voice


  • Carrying case not included

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NAkhan Scottish Traditional Irish Lyre Harp Rosewood Natural

NAkhan is a premium brand for harps. This is one of their most coveted harps on the market. It is aesthetically pleasing and a very high-quality harp for you.

This is a Traditional Scottish and Irish Lyre harp. This is very famous among professional musicians and teachers.

NAkhan Scottish Traditional Irish Lyre Harp Rosewood Natural


The harp is made with high quality Rosewood, with an inlaid Rosewood frame. This is handcrafted and hand polished with a beautiful floral design, reminding you of the Scottish bond with natural beauty.

There are 10 metal strings on this particular harp, which, as we all know, are very durable, weather resistant, and non corrosive. The tone that is produced by this harp is bright and beautiful. It can be used to play all kinds of music styles.

The tuning pins of this harp are made with solid brass. This makes the pins durable and stable for long use.  The keys are made with solid brass as well. There is a chrome polish finishing as well.

The manufacturers provide you with an extra set of strings. You will get a bag for protection and carrying.

Many people worry about the design and if it will bother their fingers while harp playing. It doesn’t. Because the design is made with keeping the comfort of the harpist in mind, it is not made to bother the player.

The price of this harp is nice! With all the qualities and accessories, you can be sure that this is a great deal for you.


  • Traditional Scottish and Irish harp
  • Durable harp
  • Aesthetic floral design, chromatic harps
  • High quality harp made with solid wood
  • 10 metal strings
  • A carrying case is included; fall-proof
  • The sound quality rich and resonant voice


  • Some buyers had complaints about the packaging

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Roosebeck Heather Harp w/Full Chelby Levers – Vine Engraved

Roosebeck Heather Harp has 22 strings with three octaves. The strings produce sound notes in the C3 to C6 range. In addition, it is very lightweight. The strings on the Roosebeck Heather Harp are color coded for easy play.

Roosebeck Heather Harp w/Full Chelby Levers - Vine Engraved


You can easily change the keys on the Roosebeck Heather Harp. It is a full chelby lever harp for easy key changes.

Roosebeck Heather Harp is handcrafted from solid wood. This makes the harp sturdy and durable for long time use; you can play all genres of music on this harp.

You will get a tuning tool and an extra string set with the Roosebeck Heather Harp package.

The price of the Roosebeck Heather Harp is a bit high. But as a professional harp, the price doesn’t seem to be too steep, to be fair. It is a good deal.


  • Handcrafted, solid wood construction
  • 22 strings with 3 octaves
  • Sharping levers
  • Great harps for beginners, kids, and professionals
  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for concerts and classical music
  • Harp music quality rich and resonant voice


  • A bit pricey

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Donner DLH-002 Lyre Harp

The Donner DLH is an entry-level lyre harp that is of the highest possible quality. The sturdy mahogany resonating box that accompanies it helps to keep the instrument in tune and ensures that it will endure longer. The sound produced by the carbon steel keys is soft and clear, and the bone saddle does a better job of transmitting the instrument’s vibrations.

Donner DLH-002 Lyre Harp


The Donner DLH-002 lyre harp has a saddle that is curved and is attached to a resonator box that is constructed of copper. This helps the instrument effectively transfer vibration. The saddle is more dependable and long-lasting than wood saddles, which are typically utilized in versions that cost less money.

It has ten strings made of steel that are highly durable, and it comes with a tuning wrench that makes it easy to modify the tone of each string individually. To achieve a more finely tuned sound, you can use the little hammer to give the tuning wrench a few light taps to adjust the pitch. In addition, the string’s tuning can be altered to suit the requirements of the song or the performance. You can create a soothing whistling sound across the room simply by tapping a string gently. This effect can help relax both the body and the mind.

It has a one-of-a-kind sun pattern design on the sound hole, which gives it a particularly magnificent appearance and is meant to symbolize Apollo, the god of light and music. Because of its rounded shape, the sound is purer and the influence of each string pluck lasts for a longer period of time.

It comes packaged with a variety of accessories, such as a polishing cloth, strings, a tuning wrench, an instruction handbook for the user, 2 picks, music sheets, and other items.

The bundle also includes a high-quality black gig bag, making it easy to transport and store, and giving you peace of mind that your instrument will be well protected anytime you move it from one performance venue to another. You can store your tuning wrench, a spare string, music scores, and the instruction booklet for the instrument in the bag. This is an excellent option to consider if you are searching for a lyre harp that not only provides excellent performance but is also simple to play.


  • Playing the instrument is a delight and a very unique experience overall
  • Simple to handle and operate
  • Carbon keys and strings enable it to produce a clear tone
  • Included with a high-quality gig bag to make transporting your instrument easier and safer
  • Because of its lightweight and small form, it allows for a great deal of versatility in its application
  • Reliable materials
  • Includes a variety of accessories with the package
  • Very unique and eye-catching in its aesthetic


  • The instruction manual may be difficult to understand
  • May be too expensive for complete beginners

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Buying Guide For The Best Harp

If you don’t know the intricate details, you may spend money on the wrong one instead of the right harp. We have consulted many professional musicians to figure out the features that are found on the most perfect harp. We will discuss the features and more on this buying guide for your convenience.


Types of Harp

There are many different types of models available for harp. But mainly there are two; other types are not as famous for professional and amateurs.  These are the lever harps and pedal harps.

i. Lever Harps

Lever harps are often called Celtic Harps. These harps are suitable for making folk music. These are great harps for manual maneuvering of the pitch through the use of the levers. Lever harps are smaller in size, and so you can play these without much effort for folk music.

Lever harps can have 27 to 40 strings.

ii. Pedal Harps

The pedal harp is suitable for contemporary music. These are larger harps that come with a pedal mechanism that allows making key changes easily.

Lever harps are the ideal beginner harp, while Pedal harps are for a professional musician. As the lever harps are easier to play and don’t require many key changes, beginners can master the art of harp and then graduate to pedal harps.


Size of The Harp

The size is a very important consideration for buying the right harp for yourself. Not only because the size constraints some people from harp playing a specific harp, but because the size also impacts the sound also. The size isn’t just for your comfort and performance; this also affects the sound quality.

Larger harps produce a warm and rich tone; smaller harps produce bright sounds.

Besides the sound quality, the comfort of performance depends on the size of the instrument’s construction. Here is a small size guide for selecting the perfect harp for your purchase.

  • For Small children aged 5 years to 10 years with a 12-inch stool to play the harp, the suitable harp model is a 28 string set floor model harp.
  • For adults who use an 18-inch-high stool, 34 string floor size model is the better option.


Harp Strings Construction

String construction affects the sound quality of the harp. There are many types of materials that are used to make harp strings.

i. Monofilament Nylon String

These nylon strings are made with tempered nylon. Monofilament single strand nylon strings are most used on lever harps.

They produce a warm and clear sound. Because of the nylon construction, these strings are not sensitive to humidity and weather changes. These strings are durable and need changing only in the case of breaking.

ii. Nylon string

These strings are a bit different from monofilament nylon strings in that these strings have a nylon core with a nylon layer wound around the string tightly.

These strings are common in lever harps. The nylon wrapping is done all the way up the string’s vibrating length.

Nylon strings are known to produce a warm and clear sound. These are prone to weather conditions and humidity. The nylon strings need to be changed if the string begins to wear heavily at the top.

Usually, these strings last about two years.

iii. Wire Wrapped

Like the nylon strings, wire wrapped strings are one strand of wire wrapped with a thin fiber and coated with a core of wire. The most common type of wire wrapped strings are steel core with a silk bed and a phosphor bronze wrap, abbreviated as “SFB.” These strings are more common in pedal harps. These strings are used in bass octaves of harps. These drive the soundboard and make the sound more dramatic.

You should be looking to change the wire strings if you see any signs of wear, or generally if the string has aged about one year or so.

iv. Gut Strings

Gut strings were once the most common type of string for all harps, but they have now been phased out on most lever harps. They are mostly seen on pre-pedal lever harps nowadays when they are utilized on lever harps. This is because gut strings make up a large part of virtually every pedal harp’s string configuration. The sound of gut strings is typically characterized as “thumpy.” They are rather costly, and they are extremely susceptible to variations in humidity, necessitating more regular tuning. Gut strings must be changed on a regular basis since they collect both dampness and oils from hands, but the frequency varies.

v. Carbon String

The strings that are referred to as “carbon strings” are really fluorocarbon, which is not the same as carbon. They’re made of a synthetic polymer called polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), sometimes known as fluorocarbon. Humidity, finger oils, solvents, and UV are all resistant to them. The ‘carbon’ string’s tone is concentrated and crisp, and many people think it sounds brighter than gut or nylon. For a particular note, the strings are thinner than nylon or gut.


Sound Quality

The sound quality of a harp may differ from harp to harp. It is essential to know the sound quality of the harp you are going to buy. There are a few tricks of knowing which harp will produce what type of sound. You need to make sure of this before buying a harp.

Harps with evenly balanced strings are very responsive, meaning the vibration is good. They produce full range sounds for you.

The mass of the string has an impact on the vibration that is generated when plucked. Low notes are made with high mass strings, and low mass strings produce high notes.

Harp back is a very important factor that affects sound production. The back of the instrument’s construction is done with authentic materials such as either natural maple or inlaid rosewood frame. These harps reinforce the vibrations of the soundboard that in turn reinforces the vibrant tones.



Harps are moderately sized instruments for music. Even the small harps are considerably large. Before buying electric harps, concert harps, or even acoustic harp, you need to make sure that the harp is easy to carry. Another way of going about this is buying a harp that is suitable for your need. Matching with your musical styles, there will be options to choose from. Make sure you get the right one.


Price Tag

The materials used, the quality of the craft, and the depiction determine your favorite harp’s price.

Overall, like all other handcrafted, strung, or  wood musical instruments, harps command greater costs since they are designed with considerable expertise and high-quality materials.

If you choose a low-cost harp, expect to sacrifice voice quality due to bad design features such as imbalanced string mass, a low-quality harp back, and more.

Be prepared to spend extra for the handmade if you want a harp with many melodic potentials.


Final Thought

We have listed all the highest reviewed harps and have the necessary features according to the opinions of professional musicians and luthiers. You can, without worry, buy any of these harps, and be sure that you have bought the finest harp.

If you liked this piece, you could share this article with your friends and family of the harp community who share the love for these interesting instruments.

If you think we should have taken a harp that you find to be the finest, please suggest us, and we will look into the product. Also, you can share your suggestion, comments, and opinions with us. We appreciate the feedback from our readers. Please write to us.



How many strings are on the harp?

Ans: There is no general rule for harp strings. It depends on the harp type. The most common range for lever harp strings is 22 to 36. You can get lever harps with as few as 19 strings to as many as 40 or more strings.

A pedal harp, however, has 47 strings. But there are variations with more or fewer strings for pedal harps.

How much does a good harp cost?

Ans: Harps are usually expensive equipment. An average harp can cost anywhere from $2000 to $5000. Full sized pedal harp can go from $15000 to upwards of $20000. Professional harp price can go anywhere between $50000 to $200000. If you spend additional cost on a birch soundboard and piezo pickups, that would be perfect.

How much does a harp weigh?

Ans: Lever harps can weigh around 20 to 50 pounds, while pedal harps range from 70 to 90 pounds. However, this depends on the construction of the instrument and model sometimes. There are other harps with lightweight options. It is a matter of personal preference.

Is harp easier than Guitar?

Ans: Harp may seem like a complicated instrument to play, but it is surprisingly easier to learn. It is easier than a guitar because a guitar is a complex instrument with complex chord patterns and scales. Harps are diatonic, and it can be really easy to separate melody and harmony.

That being said, like any musical instrument, learning harp requires hard work and dedication. It is not easy, but certainly easier than guitar.

What is a good harp?

Ans: Aklot harp, Mid East Kinnor Harp, Roosebeck Lily harp, Rees Harps Harpsicle harp, Roosebeck heather harp are good harps. Few Other musicians suggest other brands. Nonetheless, it’s a good idea to look for the features in our buying guide.

What is the best harp to buy?

Ans: On our list, we have found that the finest harp you can buy is from harp brands like Aklot Harp. Still, the Rees Harps Harpsicle Harp, Roosebeck Lily, and Roosebeck Heather harps are also top-notch instruments. Also, getting a birch soundboard with the harp will improve the sound.

What is the difference between a harp and a harpsicle?

Ans: Harpsicles are smaller harps and less expensive than full sized harps. The difference in cost is substantial. Many people have suggested Harpsicle harps for beginners, but we don’t think that is a good idea because one needs to get accustomed to the larger harps to play it fluently.

What is the most expensive harp?

Ans: The most expensive harp in the world is Louis XV Special. It can cost $189,000. It has intricate carvings and is garbed with 23+ karat gold leaf.

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