Aileen 4-4 Full-Size Violin Case: best violin case on the market

Aileen 4-4 Full-Size Violin Case Review

Violin case gives you an air of sophistication and professionalism. Keeping your violin inside a well-made and good-looking case adds to your personality and professionalism when it comes to performance. Many people do not store their violin in a case, which results in damage to their violin, and even worse, renders the instrument useless in the long run.

There are so many violin cases in the market available today. With each claiming they are the best there is, it can become very confusing very fast!

If you have read our piece on the Best Violin Cases, you know that Aileen 4/4 Full-Size Violin Case is one of the best violin cases in the market today. (If you haven’t read it, you should)

We will do a feature-by-feature breakdown of the Aileen 4/4 Full-Size Violin Case here. We hope that you will see why we praised this highly recommended and very professional violin for you by the end! Let us start with the process.



There are many features that add to your convenience of carrying the violin. Before buying a violin case, you should be keeping a lookout for these features.


Storage Space

Violin cases are meant to store your whole violin set up, not just the violin. This is why it should have enough storage for everything that you are going to have on the violin.

The Aileen 4/4 Full Size Violin Case comes with plenty of space to keep your violin and 2 bows. It has a separate compartment for your violin shoulder rest.

It also has a compartment for other accessories that you might carry with your violin. This feature is very convenient for learners and professional violinists.



Violins come in many sizes, and so do violin cases. Knowing your violin size is important for buying the right violin case for your violin.

The Aileen Violin Case is a full-sized violin case. This is perfect for holding your professional violins.



There are many types of violin case designs. There is the classic violin case, the new and modern designs that allow for easier carrying, and so on.

This Aileen Violin Case features a triangular shape. This design is a variation of the crescent design of a violin case. It is very easy to carry around.

The Aileen Violin Case is small and very compact for your use.


Aileen 4/4 Full-Size Violin Case Review


Case material

The violin case material is a very important concern for the purchase. Not all violin cases are as sturdy and durable as others. The material keeps your violin safe and protected.

The Aileen Violin Case is made with fiberglass. The fiberglass construction of the Aileen Violin Case makes it durable and very sturdy. Fiberglass is known for its lightweight and durability. This is why the Aileen Violin Case is considered among the best violin cases in the market today.

It is a remarkably durable and professional violin case that has served you for a long time.



The exterior of the violin case needs to be hard and durable. The surface that endures all the shocks and the dust needs to be able to withstand a lot of stress and pressure and thus keep the violin safe and secure inside.

The Aileen Violin Case exterior is made with fiberglass. As said before, as material fiberglass is very durable and premium. It can resist water and dirt, dust and shock almost as good as steel. You can be sure that your precious violin is safe inside the embrace of the Aileen Violin Case.

The Aileen Violin Case can be used for years on end and still be good and functional as new.



The interior of the violin cases comes with many types of features. There are padded molds that are there to protect your violin from unwanted shocks and falls. These pads also protect your violin from dust and dirt.

The Aileen Violin Case has an interior of velvet. The premium quality velvet protects your violin from shock and fall. The soft cushioning of the case keeps the violin protected from dirt and dust.


Carrying method

The Aileen Violin Case comes with very easy to carry metal D rings.  The 3 d rings have adjustable straps that help you carry the violin in the case as a backpack.

This feature makes it very easy to carry the violin wherever you need to carry the violin.



The violin case needs to be lightweight. The lightweight cases are very convenient to carry. It is very useful to carry the violin around for your needs.

The Aileen Violin Case comes with a very lightweight. Because the violin case is made with fiberglass materials for you, and the manufacturers have curtailed the redundancy of weight with premium quality velvet, the Aileen Violin Case is light.

The weight of the case is recorded at 4.62 pounds. It is very light and very convenient for your purposes.


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There are violin cases that come with meters like hygrometers and thermometers. These allow you to see the temperature to know when to do what about the case.

The hygrometers allow you to monitor the changes in moisture and temperature that can have an adverse effect on the violin. If given the chance of knowing the weather conditions beforehand, you can prevent damages to the violin very easily.

The Aileen Violin Case has a built-in hygrometer that allows you to take preemptive actions to protect your violin from weather changes. However, the exterior of the case is waterproof, just in case.



The case of a violin case has to be waterproof. It saves the violin from water damage and absorbs moisture.

The Aileen Violin Case has a waterproof exterior that keeps away moisture and water from entering and causing damage to the violin.



Violin cases come with many types of locking systems. These locks prevent your violin from stealing. There are lock and key system violin locks, and there are combination locks as well.

However, the Aileen Violin Case comes with hinge locks. The hinges are made with durable and long-lasting material and have a very sturdy and durable hold over each other. The lock doesn’t fail all that often; in fact, it is very rare that the lock fails.

This adds to the protection of the violin by a lot.  Once you have locked the case, you don’t have to worry about losing the key or remembering the combination. It doesn’t often fail to lock. This prevents theft and damage to the violin.



The price of the violin case is an issue for many people. The most premium cases can cost more than your average violin itself. But the Aileen Violin Case price falls within the affordable range. It is very useful and has a higher quality of protection for you.

Considering the price, the violin is very useful and is very premium, and all-in-all a very sweet deal.



Considering all the variables and all the premium features like the storage, construction material, compartments for storing accessories, and so on, the Aileen Violin Case can be called the very best option on the market for you. And getting all of the premium features for that low price is almost unbelievable.


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