The Best Violins for Professionals to Help You Build a Successful Career!

Best Violins for Professionals Featured

Playing the best violin for professionals is a delight for the player and the audiences alike. This may be the most satisfying thing for the people who play violins for professional needs. The class, the sophistication, the appeal of a well played piece of music in this instrument rivals any other accomplishments in life.

However, playing the violin is not a simple job! You need to learn tough life lessons, perseverance, hard work, practice, and a desire to succeed. There is so much more to playing violin than just the optics. Professional violin playing is emblematic of aristocracy and sophistication, but that comes with a price.

So does a good professional violin. In this article, we will review the highest rated, highest reviewed, and the most popular violins for professionals. We will see the most expensive ones as well.

We have attached a buying guide for buying the violins for professionals. You will know what the features of these quality violins are. In addition, you’ll get a size chart for the violins. And this will make sure that you buy the right and the proper professional violin for yourself and your kids.

There is also a care and maintenance guide with the article. And we will answer some of the most asked questions about the violins made for professionals.


9 Best Violins for Professionals Reviewed: Our Top Picks

These are some high-quality violins that professional violin players and soloists love to use when they perform on stage.

If you want to buy a violin from a highly-rated brand, go through this list.


Mendini 4/4 MV300 Solid Wood Satin Antique Violin

Mendini is one of the best violin brands in the world. Mendini MV300 violin is the highest rated violin our list. This checks all the premium features that you should be looking for in an instrument.

Mendini 4/4 MV300 Solid Wood Satin Antique Violin- Best Violins for Professionals


Mendini 4/4 MV300 is a solid wood violin that has traditional looking antique varnish. This is a perfect instrument for students who are venturing into the professional sphere.

This violin comes with a hand carved design with a solid spruce top and maple back and sides. The ebony fingerboard is also made with maple, which is stained to look like ebony. There is an alloy tailpiece chin rest and four finer tuners.

The outfit or the whole set includes all the premium quality professional violinists gear like a Brazilwood bow with the perfect amount of stiffness and softness on the hand. It produces top-quality sound. The violin comes with a horsehair bow that features unbleached Mongolian horsehair that is also known for producing the richest sound. These horsehair bows are very durable because the horses live in extreme cold and have remarkable thick hair.

There is an adjustable shoulder rest for your convenience. There are two bridges for your use; Mendini 4/4 MV300 violin comes with an extra set of strings for your use.

The pegs are maple made, and the rosin that the outfit comes with has a glaze on it that makes sure it doesn’t get damaged while shipping.

This violin is available in all sizes for adults and kids. There are other options like the MV, MV 200, besides the MV 300. Although the MV 200 and the MV 300 are quite similar in many aspects, the sounds are very different. MV 300 is an upgrade and produces a slightly mellow sound, but the MV 200 produces a vibrant tone.

The outfit includes a case to keep and carry your violin. The weight of this violin is 4 pounds. Considering the quality of the violin and recommendations, this violin is affordable and is, frankly, a terrific deal.

It has a one year warranty against the manufacturer’s defect. It is a perfect instrument for beginners or intermediates as well, but this is a violin for professionals.


  • Professional violin construction with maple back and sides
  • Wonderful bow made of Mongolian horsehair
  • Hand carved size 4 full size violin
  • Comes with a case, dominant strings
  • Value for money
  • Instrument options available, sophisticated sound, extra string set with an outfit


  • Packaging could have been better

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Mendini By Cecilio Violin – MV500+92D – Size 4/4 (Full Size)

This is the second highest rated and highest reviewed violin on our list.

Mendini By Cecilio Violin - MV500+92D - Size 4/4 (Full Size)


This violin comes in an elegant design that looks modern. The violin is made with hand carved one piece maple back and neck, and sides. It has an antique varnish finish and inlaid purfling.

Mendini by Cecilio Violin is a full sized, size four violin for adults, but you can get it for kids as well. The outfit comes with two bows, an extra set of violin strings, rosin, adjustable shoulder rest with high-quality padding, a chromatic string tuner metronome. This is a violin that can be used by intermediate and professionals alike.

The front part of this violin is made with solid spruce and has a varnished finishing that is glossy. The bows are made with Brazilwood and unbleached horsehair.

The pegs are also made with maple wood. And, all of the things come in a solid, hard case with wide shoulder straps and are fashioned like a backpack.

This is a violin for advanced musicians, professionals, and beginners alike. This includes everything required for students learning to play, and the quality ensures professional players and master violin players can play it alike. The violin is strung with D’Addario Prelude Strings

This violin for professionals has an affordable price point. Also, It comes with a warranty (more information on the like above).

The metronome requires 2 AAA batteries. The item weighs less than 5 pounds. This produces quality sounds, and the professionals can really bring out the most from the violin.


  • Extra string set with the outfit, extra bow, metronome
  • Professional violin with maple back and sides dark grained
  • Superb bow made of Mongolian horsehair and brazilwood
  • Hand-carved size 4 full size violin
  • Comes with a case
  • One piece back, good quality
  • Value for money
  • Instrument sizes available


  • Some bows are not balanced

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Cecilio 4/4 CVNAE-White Ebony Fitted Acoustic/Electric Violin in Pearl White

Cecilio full sized, size four violin is the next on the violins for professional list. This is a premium quality product that has earned a lot of respect among violin players and enthusiasts.

Cecilio 4/4 CVNAE-White Ebony Fitted Acoustic/Electric Violin in Pearl White


Cecilio 4/4 CVNAE features all the premium qualities that are associated with violins for professionals. The violin comes with a hand-carved spruce top, solid maple back, and sides with mechanisms to control volume and tone.

There are premium pegs, chin rest, an ebony fingerboard, and a tailpiece with four nickel plated fine tuners for fine tuning. These are all premium quality woods and features that are typical requirements for professional violins.

The packaging includes a bow made of Brazilwood and Mongolian horsehair that is unbleached and strong because of the weather conditions that these horses grow in. The weather condition allows the horses to grow thicker and stronger hair.

The violin is an acoustic violin, but you can make it into an electric violin with the AUX cable that comes with the Cecilio 4/4 CVNAE outfit. The outfit also includes a light weight foam fitting case that is enough to protect the violin from dust, dirt, and unfortunate drop save. There are soft rubber feet for extra protection. You will get a violin bridge with the outfit and high quality rosin.

There are three color options available, Pearl White, Metallic Black, and Antique Varnish. This is a perfect violin for professional players and intermediate players who are venturing into the professional level.

The price of this violin is a reasonable bargain, as we can see from all the quality features they are giving with the outfit. The violin comes with one year warranty against the manufacture’s defects.


  • Excellent Pearl white color, extreme attention to detail
  • Professional violin for professional violinists with maple back and sides
  • Mongolian horsehair brazilwood bow for durability
  • Hand carved size 4 full size impressive violin
  • Comes with a case
  • Four nickel plated fine tuners for advanced players
  • Available in other colors
  • Can be made into an electric violin for orchestra
  • Value for money instrument


  • Some bows don’t look and feel balanced

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Kennedy Violins Bunnel Premier Violin Clearance Outfit 4/4 FullSize

Kennedy Violins is a well-known name when it comes to violins for professionals. Kennedy Violins Bunnel Premier Violin is one of their finest professional violins.

Kennedy Violins Bunnel Premier Violin Clearance Outfit 4/4 FullSize


Kennedy violins Bunnel Premier is the USA assembled violin. This violin comes with the complete outfit: Portland Carbon fiber Shoulder Rest, Intro to Violin book, KV Clip-on Tuner, Polishing cloth, Backup strings, Giuliani Rosin, Giuliani Brazilwood Bow, and a Portland Oblong carrying case.

This violin features a smooth and accurately planned fingerboard. Expert professional luthiers assemble each violin. The violin comes ready to use; no assemble is necessary.

Kennedy violin has a hand rub oil finish that is sort of a trademark for the most expensive professional violins. The tonewood is solid maple and spruce, and there are 100% genuine ebony fittings in the violin. The whole violin has a satin oil varnishing finish that makes the violin look tremendous and produces excellent sound!

There are many sizes available for this violin. The price of this violin is usual for professional players but can be a bit high for beginners. There is a lifetime guarantee with this violin and a 45 day full money back guarantee.

There is nothing to lose with the purchase of this violin. It can be a gift item for your family members and loved ones. This sophisticated piece of musical instrument can be a good purchase for your professional violin career.


  • Satin oil finish instrument
  • Professional violin with maple back and sides
  • Handcrafted full size violin for advanced players
  • Hand carved size 4 full size violin, solid spruce, and maple tonewood
  • Comes with a case
  • 100% genuine ebony fittings
  • Comes with Portland carbon fiber shoulder rest, intro to violin book, polishing cloth, backup strings, Giuliani rosin
  • Lifetime guarantee, 45 days money back guarantee


  • Cases may vary in color

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Cremona SV-500 Premier Artist Violin Outfit – Size 4/4

This is another premium professional violin in our violins for professional list. Cremona is a well known and one of the best violin brands from California that produces high quality musical instruments.

Cremona SV-500 Premier Artist Violin Outfit – Size 4/4


Cremona SV Model 500 artist violin outfit is a Stradivarius style violin with orange brown color. This is a premium quality full size violin for advanced students and professionals. This is an easy to play a violin that has all the premium features that are not present in a student violin.

This violin comes with a violin outfit that has rigid foam, four bow holders, and a hygrometer. According to Strings Magazine, Cremona SV-500 is“a good choice for anyone looking for a first or second violin.”

The body is designed with flamed maple wood that is given a hand applied varnishing finish that is reddish brown. There are hand-carved spruce and maple body.

The Cremona SV violin is set up in accordance with the MENC standards. The bridge of the violin is a French made Aubert bridge, and the prelude string is the US made. There are ebony fittings that are Swiss styled, and there is an ebony fingerboard and composite lightweight ebony tailpiece. This allows for easy tuning and finer quality sounds.

The violin outfit comes with a light weight case, Stradivarius style chinrest, and a deluxe Brazilwood bow. This is a perfect violin for professional players and learners alike; Cremona SV Model 500 allows the learner to know the intricate details about professional violins.

The price is a bit expensive, to be fair, but the product quality warrants a bit higher price. There is more information available in the link above.


  • Superb tone quality for the advanced student and professional players
  • Professional violin with top of the violin maple back and sides for advanced players
  • US-made Prelude strings, French-made Aubert bridge
  • Hand carved size 4, on a factory in accordance with MENC Standards
  • Comes with a case
  • 100% genuine Swiss style ebony fittings, advanced violin
  • Stradivarius style chinrest


  • Instrument lifetime warranty information is not available

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D Z Strad Model 509 Maestro Old spruce Stradi

We are getting to the most premium, most expensive, and famous violins for professionals. This particular violin, D Z Strad Model 509 Maestro Old Spruce Stradi, is a well known professional violin.

D Z Strad Model 509 Maestro Old spruce Stradi

This violin comes highly recommended by Suzuki School Instructors and private teachers, and professional players alike. This gives you a warm and round tone. The playability of this violin is extraordinary and consistent.

The sound, like said before, is round and warm, sophisticated and malleable. It is made from naturally seasoned tone wood. There is an Alpine Italian Spruce (Italian alps) top and premium maple back and sides. This is a 100% hand crafted violin, hand crafted and assembled by the finest luthiers in the world.

The violin D Z Strad Model 509 maestro old spruce Stradi full size violin comes with an antique varnish finish, and this makes it look like a vintage instrument. The sound quality is exquisite and pure.

This is a premium quality, full size, size 4/4 violin for professional players. It comes ready to play.

The violin comes with a violin outfit package that includes a premium case, bow, rosin, and shoulder rest. All the things that it comes with maintaining a D Z Strad maestro old spruce Stradi standard.

D Z Strad Model 509 Maestro Old Spruce Stradi Violin costs a bit of money but shopping for any superior quality product will cost a bit much. And considering the reputation, the quality, and the service, it is a long term investment in this instrument that will help you in the long run.


  • Great tone quality for the and professional players
  • Professional violin with maple back and sides
  • Naturally seasoned tone wood
  • Alpine Italian Spruce top
  • Comes with a case
  • The highest quality sound instrument, powerful sound


  • The price is a bit much

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Ming Jiang Zhu 909 Violin

A bit of history is in order here. Ming Jiang Zhu is a world class, a best luthier in the world. He has many awards for his craftsmanship with violins,  winning gold and silver awards twice from the Violin Society of America. These are just a few awards from his long list of awards.

Ming Jiang Zhu 909 Violin


Antonio Strad has featured this premium violin. This Ming Jiang Zhu 909 Violin is one of the greatest creations from the duo of the greatest violin makers in the world.

This is a full sized violin that features a flamed maple back and side and spruce top. There is an antiqued varnish orange brown finish. The tone that this violin produces is a complex, nuanced tone.

This violin is a 100% handmade instrument with solid carved wood. The spruce tops are made with naturally aged woods. The maple and spruce have been aged for ten years before carving.

There are inlaid purfling and 100% ebony fingerboard, pegs, and fitting. The tailpiece is made with pure ebony wood.

There is hand carved French Aubert bridge and Evah Pirazzi Strings. This is a ready to play, no assemble required premium quality professional violin.

You will get a certificate of authenticity with each purchase.

The price is a bit high, but then again, this collaboration between Antonio Strad and Ming Jiang Zhu comes with the top-notch features!


  • Solid carved wood instrument
  • Professionally setup
  • Naturally aged spruce top
  • Naturally aged solid figured maple back and sides
  • Inlaid purfling
  • Hand-carved French Aubert bridge
  • Evah Pirazzi Strings
  • 100% handmade instrument
  • 100% ebony board, pegs, fittings, and tailpiece


  • The price is a bit much (but the quality!)

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D Z Strad Violin Model 800 Full Size 4/4

D Z Strad violin Model 800 violin is another premium, sophisticated and popular professional violin on our list. D Z Strad is one of the most famous violin brands in the professional violin makers world. They make violins for professionals and beginners.

D Z Strad Violin Model 800 Full Size 4/4 (includes Dominant Strings, Bow, Case, and Rosin) (Full Size - 4/4)


This violin is the top of the class violin from the D Z Strad violin. They are made with Alpine Italian spruce, which is naturally aged for years to give the violin a natural character. This makes the violins tone natural and smooth, powerful.

This is a full sized violin and a perfect violin for professional players. This gives uncontested sound and tone. This violin is at the top of the class.

The violin outfit comes with dominant strings, bow, case, and rosin.

This violin costs more than every other violin on our list, but no other violin is a D Z Strad. Well, we have 2 D Z Strad, but the other one is not Model 800 D Z Strad.


  • Inlaid purfling, high quality violin
  • Naturally aged solid figured maple back and sides
  • Naturally aged spruce top
  • Produces excellent color and depth sounds
  • Professionally setup instrument
  • Comes with dominant strings
  • Case Rosin included free outfit
  • Solid carved wood, great violin


  • Price is a bit much

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ADM Full Size 4/4 Acoustic Violin Set

This violin is an excellent option for use in the symphony due to its lightweight of 8.5 pounds. An adjustable tailpiece allows for fine tuning of the instrument’s sound, which is well-rounded and full.

ADM Full Size 4/4 Acoustic Violin Set


In contrast to violins coated with a heavy, glossy lacquer finish, the vintage natural oil finish of this ADM violin is more conducive to producing high-quality tones. It not only appears more sophisticated, but remains authentic to traditional, tried-and-true customs of hand-crafted violin manufacture. As a result, this violin has a warmer and much more projective tone than similar instruments at a similar price point.

Four manual tuners are located on the tailpiece of this violin type, and they are constructed of metal. The total length of the violin spans 23 inches. Despite the fact that this violin is ideal for professional use, it may also be played by students in the intermediate and advanced levels who are committed to regular practice on the instrument.

It’s a right-handed violin, which is suitable for beginners because of the instrument’s typical right-hand configuration. For the top of the violin, spruce wood was used, while maple wood was used for the back and sides. The finger board is constructed of technical wood, while the original pegs were constructed of Indian ebony wood.

The tuning knob is constructed of high-quality wood. The friction coefficient is adequate and it is pretty easy to tune. Furthermore, once the sound has been tuned for a clear timbre and a steady volume, it is difficult to get it out of tune.

This violin has steel wire strings and an unpainted horsehair violin bow included. A variety of accessories for the violin include chin rests, shoulder rests, and stands for the instrument. Also, a protective case can be used for transporting or storing it. A one-year manufacturer’s guarantee is included.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to tune
  • Comes with all necessary accessories
  • Suitable for all levels of violinist
  • A classic and professional finish
  • Amazing sound projection
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Built with high-quality materials


  • Users reported issues with durability

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Best Professional Violin Buying Guide

Buying a violin can range from $100 to $10,000. Violins are the most sophisticated and delicate musical instrument out there. It has to be coming from one of the best violin brands; it has to have great sound quality, premium strings, and top features to qualify as the best professional violin.

With so much in the line, buying a professional violin is not an easy job. Understanding the delicacy of the violin, the intricate nature of all the musical instruments, and their harmony is important. You are just one step away from symphony or cacophony.

There are myriads of considerations when you decide to buy a violin for professional use. We will discuss those in our buying guide section.



Tonewood is the most essential consideration while buying a professional violin. There are limited types of tonewoods when it comes to the violin.

There are spruce tops, and maple necks, maple back, and side made from maple. The quality of the wood determines the differences in price.

The soundboard is what amplifies the sounds, and spruce is the favorite tonewood for that. A solid spruce top can be a desired violin type. But spruce tops, in general, are considered the best. On that note, high altitude spruce that is naturally seasoned can be the best when it comes to making tonewood.

Solid maple necks and maple backs are also desirable and considered to be the best. These maple woods need to be aged and precisely carved for the best possible result.

There are other less expensive woods that can make a high quality violin. Ebony wood, and alloy tailpiece, and plastic chin rests are lower in price. These are more beginner or intermediate level violins materials.

But for a professional violin, spruce and maple are considered to be the ideal wood. If you find a violin made of these woods, you can be sure of the quality and buy that.


Violin Categories

There are three categories of violin generally. These three types are made based on the skill and the level of competence of the users. There is the student or beginner category, the intermediate category, and the professional category. These are the universally accepted categories that are the most agreed upon classes of violins.


Student/Beginner Violins

Generally, Student violin is made with low quality wood and has important parts made from plastic. For example, most student violins feature plastic tuning pegs and chin rests.

This instrument is meant to allow students to familiarize themselves with the working process of the violins, playing experience, and grip the best ways of playing this delicate instrument. These violins are easy to play.

But for longer use, or for professional or even semi professional use, these violins are not ideal. Their price range varies from less than $100 to a few hundred dollars.

Again, student or beginner violins are for learning and getting used to the instrument, not for professional use.


Intermediate Violin

Intermediate violins are the violins between the beginner level and the professional level. That probably can be assumed from the name.

But these violins are the stepping stools in the graduated levels of competencies. Most people who buy intermediate violins are those that have familiarized themselves with the beginning steps of the violin, such as advanced students. They have a working understanding of a violin and are looking to expand on the functionality of their instrument.

An intermediate violin cost a bit more than a beginner violin. Still, they make up for the cost through their functionality and services.

Professional Violin

Professional Violins are the top of the class, completely premium quality, cold grown- slow dried wood made, hand made instrument. These are assembled by master luthiers and have all the premium parts such as ebony fingerboard pegs and wooden tailpieces. These instruments are professional violinists and have more articulated sound.

Professional violins are also used by trainers and teachers, and other advanced players of the instrument. These violins have high-quality accessories and sometimes come with a high-quality horsehair bow.

This instrument costs more than a beginner or intermediate violin. Some of them come with a traditional Mongolian horsehair bow, Brazilwood bow rosin, or some may have more modern carbon fiber bows. These violins come with fine compact tuners and often are made with high-quality, hand-carved woods.

Although, of course,  this categorization is universal in its spread and credibility, it is by no means a judgment on the build and capacity of individual violins and violin players. It happens ever so often that truly gifted violin players can get the student or intermediate violins to produce high quality sound and symphony that dwarves those from professional violins. But, in general, it is accepted that these violins have more intricacies of the building that can produce the high-quality sound.


Size of The Violin

Violins have sizes for different violin players. There are nine sizes in which violins come.

There are smaller violins called 3/4 size, 1/2 size, 1/8 size, 1/10 size, 1/16 size, and 1/32 sized instrument. These are smaller violins for children. Adults that are aged 11 and above will play a standard sized, full sized violin, which is also referred to as 4/4 size.

A rose by another “size.”

Violin sizes matter because it affects the playing capability of a violin player. As a general rule of thumb, the violin should be smaller than the length of your extended hand from the base of your neck to your palm. This is what determines what violin you can play.

Refer to this chart for more straightforward and more precise measurements.

Length Violin Size
13 1/32 size
14 1/16 size
15 1/10 size
16.5 1/8 size
18.5 1/4 size
20 1/2 size
22 3/4 size
23 4/4 Full size


If the dimension of the violin falls between two sizes, it is always better to go for the larger one for kids and the smaller one for adults.


Types of Violin

There are two types of violins as it pertains to the type. The acoustic violin and the electric violin.

Acoustic Violin

Acoustic violins are classic, original design violins. The Antonio Stradivari designed Stradivarius is the original inspiration for this instrument. The violin design was perfected by Stradivari in the early 18th century and has stayed pretty much like that. These violins are equated with supreme quality.

These violins have four strings, and the string stretches from the tuning pegs to a tailpiece. The string stretches over either a maple and spruce or solid maple back, a maple bridge that carries the vibration to the soundboard. The acoustic violins produce a warmer sound compared to the other type of violin.

Electric Violin

Electric violins are the modern and exceptional iteration of violins. The stark difference between the two types is the violin pickup system. Electric violins come with built-in pickups that amplify the sound. Acoustic violins require violin pickup systems to do that for you.

Electric violins also have solid bodies to prevent any feedback noise caused by the resonance on the hollow violin body. These violins are also very light and minimalistic.

Classical violin players and musicians use acoustic violins because of the warm tone and rounded tone, made possible by the natural resonance of the tonewoods. Electric violin sounds can be enhanced to need but will have more raw and bright sounds. Rock and jazz musicians use electric violins to fit them with the rest of the band’s instruments.



Most violins do not come with the instrument you would readily assume they should come with. You need to make sure that it does, or else you should order an “outfit.”

A violin outfit includes a bow, a rosin, and perhaps a case. If you don’t need the bow and rosin, you can exclude the outfit altogether. But you’ll then need to buy an instrument case specific to your violin. It keeps the violin secure, safe, and clean. And it makes carrying the violin around easier and convenient.


Considerations for Violin Bow

Assuming you are buying a new violin, you will probably need a bow as you are planning to. There are very many considerations for that purchase, so much so that it dictates another article on it entirely. Still, for now, you will at least help you in the general considerations.

Bow Weight and balance

A violin bow must feel like it is an extension of your arm and generally weigh around 60 grams. But that depends entirely on you.

If you prefer bows on a heavier side, you can go for a heavier bow. But it is important to note that because playing the violin is such strenuous work, a heavier bow might take a toll on more prolonged periods of playing.

Bow Material

There are several materials that a violin bow is created of, the chief of which is the Pernambuco tree, growing in Brazil. This is the gold standard for violin bows.These bows are dense, stiff, and flexible at the same time.  But, It is more on the expensive side.

There are Brazilwood bows that are more affordable than Pernambuco bow. The Brazilwood bows are less stiff and responsive than Pernambuco, but that is a very high bar! Anything slightly less than Pernambuco is still good enough for almost all musical purposes.

There are also cheaper and synthetic materials such as carbon fiber. These bows are stiffer, and long lasting, and with synthetic hair, even more so.

Stiffness: Yay or Nay!

The perfect bows produce rich sounds, and they are equally stiff and soft. The perfect middle ground of the two will give you the clearest sound while feeling softens your hand. So, soft yay and soft nay on the stiffness.

Bow Hair

When it comes to bow hair, the horsehair from white stallion is the best. But it is incredibly pricey, and there are fake products everywhere.

Ordinary brown mare hair can be bleached and made to appear from a white stallion horse, but only in appearance. The next best option is Mongolian horsehair. Because of the cold climate, the horses there grow thicker hair, and this makes the bow last longer and produce deep and rich sounds.

There are synthetic fiber bows as well, as the French Coruss. These are also good for you and the horses.


Rosin sounds like resin because that’s what it exactly is. It is a solid resin that comes from tree saps. But unlike saps, these are not edible as syrups or medicine, although they look awfully appetizing. Seriously, don’t eat rosin. Rosin is used for varnishing finish.

Rosin, like Brazilwood bow rosin, is applied on the bowhair that causes friction that produces sound. Without rosin, the bowhair will not have any friction on the strings, and the sound will not be an audible performance at all.

Most violins do not come with rosin. Some bows do. We have made sure that the whole packages in our list include all the gadgets that you will need.


Violin Care and Maintenance

How to take good care of your precious violin? Here are some tips.


A violin should be kept in a relatively humid place; otherwise, it can cause damage to the tonewood. If that’s not possible, you can look into a separate humidifier.


As we have said above, there is no guarantee that violins will come with cases, and so it is vital that you make sure if you are getting a case or not. But even then, you will need to keep the violin clean carefully from dirt and dust. There are products that can help you with that beautifully.


It is a generally accepted fact that strings should be changed, and new ones installed every six months to one year, even if you don’t play that often. Change your string on luthier workshops.


Final thoughts

Buying anything that is professional grade is very difficult in itself. But when it comes to finding the best violins brands, it is doubly difficult because of all the things that depend on that purchase.

We have made the list of top-notch violins based on customer reviews and some expert’s opinions. There are certainly no violin brands pitching or projections here. We don’t earn from qualifying purchases of any of the violins here.

Additionally, We would like to hear about your experience. Please write to us with your suggestions, experience, and comments (data rights reserved by our privacy policy). We appreciate your support posts.



How much do violin lessons cost?

Ans: Violin lessons cost close to $50 per hour, depending on where you live. You can find more information online that is more suitable for you.

How much does a good violin for professionals cost?

Ans: Professional violins cost a few hundred to a few thousand of dollars.

How much is a professional violin?

Ans: Professional violins cost a few thousand dollars, but their services make up for it.

What are the best sounding violins?

Ans: The violins for professionals produce the most finely tuned sounds. D Z Strad Model 800, Thomastik, Ming Jiang Zhu 909, D Z Strad Model 509 are the best violin brands.

What are the best violin brands?

Ans: If it is a few hundred bucks, you can go for the top 5 products on our list. They are outstanding. If you are talking about thousands of bucks, D Z Strad, Ming Jiang Zhu are the top options.

What is a reasonable price for a violin?

Ans: There are several categories of violins. Refer to our buying guide. Generally, a few hundred to a few thousand dollars is the range. There is Scott Cao Instrument that isa budget item.

What violins do professionals use?

Ans: Most professionals use D Z Strad Model 800, Yamaha, Ming Jiang Zhu 909, D Z Strad Model 509 maestro old spruce Stradi, etc. These are based on researches; we don’t earn from qualifying purchases from any brand.

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