D Z Strad Model 509 Maestro Old spruce Stradi

D Z Strad Model 509 Maestro Old spruce Stradi review

Violins are costly musical instruments. Buying a violin can be really difficult because so many types of violins are available on the market. Professional violins are different from the other types of violins, and they cost more. If you are not very careful, you will end up buying a low-quality violin without your knowledge. Not only can this be a waste of money, but it can also impact your performance.

One of the best violins in the market is the D Z Strad Model 509 Maestro Old spruce Stradi. It comes from a very famous brand, and professional luthiers make it. It is the best without any contest.

D Z Strad Model 509 Maestro Old spruce Stradi has many qualities and features that make it the best in the market. We will look at the features here.


Brief Overview-

Instructors, private tutors, and professional musicians all love this violin. Your tone is warm and round. This violin’s playability is exceptional.

The tone is round, warm, nuanced, and pliable. It’s composed of the finest naturally seasoned tonewood. The top is Alpine Italian Spruce, while the back and sides are fine maples. This is a 100% handcrafted violin made by the world’s top luthiers.

The D Z Strad Model 509 maestro old spruce stradi full-size violin has an antique varnish finish, giving it a vintage touch. The sound is clear and wonderful.

This is a professional quality full-size 4/4 violin. It’s ready to go.

The violin comes with a deluxe case, Brazilwood bow, rosin, and shoulder rest.


D Z Strad Model 509 Maestro Old spruce Stradi features:

The features that D Z Strad Model 509 Maestro Old spruce Stradi come packed with are of the best value. We will discuss them here.


Top of the class professional violin

There are many types of violins in the market. Each differs from the other in many definite as well as subtle ways.

Student violins are composed of low-quality wood with plastic components. Plastic tuning pegs and chin rests are common on student violins. This instrument is designed to help students learn about the violin’s construction, play it, and hold it. They are easy to play.

But these violins are stepping stones in the competency ladder. Most intermediate violin buyers are advanced students who have mastered the basics of the violin. They know how to play the violin and want to improve their skills.

However, the professional violins, like the D Z Strad Model 509 Maestro Old spruce Stradi,  are handcrafted, cold grown-slow dried wood instruments of the highest quality. Premium elements like ebony fingerboard pegs and wood tailpieces are used in these handcrafted instruments. These instruments are for expert violinists.

Professional violins like D Z Strad Model 509 Maestro Old spruce Stradi are used by trainers, teachers, and advanced players.


D Z Strad Model 509 Maestro Old spruce Stradi



Violins come in many sizes. Violins come in nine sizes.

There are 3/4, 1/2, 1/8, 1/10, 1/16, and 1/32 sized violins. These are kids’ violins. Adults aged 11 and up play a full-sized violin, often known as a 4/4 size.

The D Z Strad Model 509 Maestro Old spruce Stradi is a full-sized violin for professionals.

Refer to this size chart


Length Violin Size
13 1/32 size
14 1/16 size
15 1/10 size
16.5 1/8 size
1/4 size
20 1/2 size
22 3/4 size
23 4/4 Full size

Acoustic Violin

The acoustic violin is a traditional, unique design violin that has been around for many years. For this instrument, Antonio Stradivari’s Stradivarius serves as the primary influence. It had remained mostly unchanged since the early 18th century when Stradivari refined the violin design. These violins are regarded as some of the best in the world.

The string of this violin extends from the tuning pegs to the tailpiece and has four strings. The string is wrapped around either a maple or complete maple back with a maple bridge that transmits vibrations to the soundboard. It is easier to play an acoustic violin than an electric one.

The D Z Strad Model 509 Maestro Old spruce Stradi is a traditional design acoustic violin for professionals. It is one of the best as well.



The Pernambuco tree, native to Brazil, is the primary source of the wood used to make bows. This is the best violin bow on the market. It’s a tad on the pricey side. Each one of these bows is dense but flexible.

Pernambuco bows are more expensive than Brazilwood bows. In comparison to Pernambuco bows, Brazilwood bows are softer and less sensitive. For the vast majority of musical purposes, anything less than Pernambuco is acceptable.

Carbon fiber, for example, is a synthetic material that is both cheaper and more environmentally friendly. With synthetic hair, these bows are even stiffer and longer-lasting.

The D Z Strad Model 509 Maestro Old spruce Stradi is made with premium maple wood. This is a durable and expensive material.


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The D Z Strad Model 509 Maestro Old spruce Stradi has a bow made with premium quality Brazilwood.


Sound Quality

The sound quality of the professional violin is a very important consideration. This is also the most prominent considerations. The D Z Strad Maestro Stradi is one of the best violin models from D Z Strad, which is recognized for manufacturing high-quality violin models.

It has a robust and full voice, and it has a refined sound that opens with depth and color. This guitar has a fantastic tone, and it’s a big step up from the typical violins.

This is one of the best reasons for getting the D Z Strad Model 509 Maestro Old spruce Stradi.



D Z Strad Model 509 Maestro Old spruce Stradi costs a lot. But because it is a professional violin and comes from a famous brand, it is priced high.


Final Words

The violin’s body is made of seasoned spruce from the Italian Alps. The soundboard is made of ebony. This wood is subjected to a 20-year drying process before it is ever considered for use in crafts. This drying process is crucial for the creation of the open and sound, as well as the depth and color of the piece.

It is a classic European process that is still employed by a very small number of skilled luthiers to manufacture the highest-quality violins available on the market today. In order to guarantee that every element of this specific instrument is excellent, it is constructed by award-winning luthiers. The pegs, tailpiece, and chinrest, in addition to the body, are all individually carved by hand.

The body is then varnished by hand using natural oil to complete the process. Despite the fact that it maintained the wood, this oil brought out its natural beauty and resonance. It is strung with Dominant synthetic core strings, which are included.

You have the option of choosing between a Pernambuco Wood or a Composite bow. As an added bonus, the outfit includes a Bricks Pilot case with a built-in lock and humidity meter to guarantee that the instrument is kept in an optimal condition at all times.

It is the most premium violin for professionals, and you can get the D Z Strad Model 509 Maestro Old spruce Stradi for your next best performance.


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