Glory Professional Alto Eb SAX Saxophone Review: The Best Professional Alto Saxophone Offered at an Unbelievable Price

Glory Professional Alto Eb SAX Saxophone Review

Alto saxophones are often less expensive than their larger counterparts, owing to their smaller structure when compared to the tenor and baritone saxophone. However, in the professional realm, this does not imply that the instrument is of lower quality. Superior build quality is a given in the professional world, and so the emphasis is typically placed on tone and ergonomics.

When it comes to woodwind instruments, the alto saxophone is one of the most enjoyable to play. Alto saxophones are widely used in a variety of musical genres and styles, including jazz, funk, blues, soul, classical, rock, pop, and virtually every other. As enjoyable as the alto saxophone overall playing experience can be, it can also be rather frustrating if you chose the wrong instrument — and the fact that you spent money on it only makes things worse.

Today, we’ll take a look at the Glory Professional Alto Eb SAX Saxophone, which is one of the most popular professional alto saxophones on the market right now. You should consider it if you do not want to spend a lot of money on a high-end alto saxophone but still want to achieve the same level of performance on stage as a professional musician.



Gloria Music Corp is a privately held company based in Edison, New Jersey, that operates in the sporting goods, hobbies, and musical instrument industry. They are dedicated to providing each client with the highest possible level of quality and customer service at an extremely competitive price.

In today’s market, it is quite difficult to find high-quality saxophones for under $1000. However, the Glory Professional Alto Eb SAX Saxophone appears to be an exception, as it is an extremely high-quality instrument with a very low-price tag. This saxophone is intended to be played by both adults and children of varying skill levels.

Let’s take a closer look at its important features.


The Bundle

The Glory Professional Alto Eb SAX Saxophone comes with a plethora of accessories to meet the demands of any professional saxophonist. When you make a purchase, the following items will be included.

  • A mouthpiece
  • 8 mouthpiece cushions
  • 11 reeds
  • A hard-shell case
  • A neck strap
  • Grease
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Screwdriver
  • Rod
  • A pair of gloves

Glory Professional Alto Eb SAX Saxophone


When you begin your search for an instrument, you should research some of the more particular construction qualities to look for in a musical instrument. Those are the specifics that will assist you in sorting through the finer features of your alternatives and ultimately selecting the best saxophone for your specific needs.

Nowadays, brass, which are constructed of copper and zinc, are virtually solely used in the production of the saxophones. Brass has excellent corrosion resistance and is a simple material to work with. Some saxophones are gold-plated or silver-plated, however even those will have brass underlying the plating and will not sound as well.

In addition to hand etched bell ornamentation, the Glory Professional Alto Eb SAX Saxophone also includes customizable key height screws, high quality leather pads with metal resonators, and a metal thumb rest. As the users observed, all of these parts are built with high-quality materials ensuring the saxophone’s durability.

In order to ensure that each of the Glory Professional Alto Eb SAX Saxophones fulfill Glory’s high-quality standards, they are checked once more by a professional quality inspector before being sent for delivery or distribution. You can also play them right out of the box as they come pre-tuned.



The precise sound hole placements on the Glory Professional Alto Eb SAX Saxophone allow players’ fingertips to rest securely on the instrument’s soundboard. Because of the saxophone’s fair key layout and compact shape, it can be played by both adults and children with relative ease.

It is one of the best saxes in town, and its overall weight of 4.5 pound makes it both light and easy to handle in any situation.



Material and finish are not only for aesthetic purposes; they also aid in the amplification of the sound, giving each saxophone its own distinct tone.

Matte-finished saxophones and black lacquered saxophones produce rounded, richer tones than other types. A purer and more focused tone can be achieved using silver-plated saxophones, if that is your preference. Additionally, they have increased volume.

We enjoy the appearance of the Glory Professional Alto Eb SAX Saxophone because it has a classic gold lacquer finish that is both classy and eccentric at the same time. On saxophones, this is the most prevalent lacquer finish to be seen.

In jazz or classical settings, gold lacquer delivers good responsiveness and a versatile tone that is suitable for merging with other players during an ensemble performance as well as for solo performance.


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Sound Quality

When moving from one piece to the next, the pitch and tone of the saxophone will shift. Keep your ears peeled for the correct sound when you’re sampling your saxophone.

In that regard, the Glory Professional Alto Eb SAX Saxophone is a favorite of ours since it produces a rich, full tone at both the high and low ends of the spectrum. As a result, we can certainly state that this saxophone lives up to the hype and performs admirably over the entire range of tones.

We assume the Glory Professional Alto Eb SAX Saxophone will provide 90 percent of the professional alto saxes on the market and it does it at a quarter of the cost, which is an excellent deal. We are convinced that you will be completely delighted with this saxophone for a long period of time.


Key Layout

However, even though the general key layout is the same for all saxophones, there are several additional keys and functions that are only available on certain varieties of the instrument. These may be used to aid in the playing of notes at the margins of the instrument’s range, or they may simply be used to make a note better to play in general.

The Glory Professional Alto Eb Saxophone has a high F#. This key is featured on the majority of modern professional alto saxophones, and it makes it much easier to play an altissimo F#, which is an F# above the high C, on the instrument.



The cut and shape of the saxophone’s mouthpiece have an effect on the tone quality of the instrument. Differences in the inside of the mouthpiece, such as a round versus a square chamber, or the availability of space between the reed and the mouthpiece rails, all produce considerably varied sounds and reactions.

The mouthpiece that comes with the Glory Professional Alto Eb SAX Saxophone, which is intended for practice, may not be the most effective at producing extremely loud tones. Therefore, if you want a louder and more reliable range of high and particularly low tones, you should consider purchasing a new mouthpiece.



The Glory Professional Alto Eb SAX Saxophone has a wonderful aesthetic design that will appeal to your audience.  You will therefore be regarded as an expert regardless of your degree of proficiency when performing with this magnificent instrument.

The Glory Professional Alto Eb SAX Saxophones are available in 12 color combinations to choose from. They include- Gold, Black/Silver Keys, Blue/Silver Keys, Light Blue/Silver Keys, Pink/Silver Keys, Red/Silver Keys, Series PR3, Series PR4, Blue/Gold Keys, Gold Lacquer/Silver Keys, Silver/Gold Keys, and White/Gold Keys.



When you compare the pricing of the Glory Professional Alto Eb SAX Saxophone to the prices of its competitors, you will be surprised at how affordable the price of this instrument is.

The best part is that for the low price of $246.99, you don’t have to sacrifice gorgeous and clear sound quality. You will have the impression that you are receiving more than you are investing.



Simply put, the Glory Professional Alto Eb SAX Saxophone is an excellent value for money saxophone that you will be able to enjoy for many years to come.  This saxophone offers all the features you’d find in far more expensive goods, such as great sound quality, long-lasting materials, and comfortable keys.

If you’re interested in learning more about other outstanding professional alto saxophones and how to select the best one for you, please check out our detailed professional alto saxophone buying guide.


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