Jean Paul USA CL-300 Student Clarinet Review: The Best Clarinet to Enter the Jazz World

Jean Paul USA CL-300 Student Clarinet Review

Picking the right clarinet for a beginner joining an orchestra or school band is critical to their success. Whether it’s your first instrument or it’s time for something new, purchasing a musical instrument is a significant investment with numerous factors to consider.

A clarinet is a popular option for novice woodwind players. Its versatility in the wind, symphony, and jazz bands makes it a great value. However, with the proliferation of low-cost clarinets on the market, finding a high-quality clarinet has grown more difficult.

Today, we’ll take a cautious look at one of the most widely played clarinets on the market: the Jean Paul USA CL-300 Student Clarinet. You’ll not be let down if you are a novice who does not want to invest heavily but wants a good sound and a lot of accessories.



Jean Paul USA is a well-known clarinet brand. The US-based company also sells saxophones, trombones, flutes, trumpets, and related accessories. Jean Paul USA also has a remarkable reputation for outstanding customer service. This company is a well-established clarinet maker dedicated to quality.

The Jean Paul USA CL-300 student clarinet is the best-selling clarinet on the market, and it is the finest choice for both beginners and pros. In terms of sound quality, it’s a fantastic clarinet that is both economical and creates a better sound than another plastic clarinet in the same price category.

Let’s analyze some of the remarkable characteristics of this clarinet.



When it comes to construction and longevity, we’re mostly concerned with the level of craftsmanship and materials used in producing a few key elements of the instrument.

Clarinet bodies are often composed of wood or some type of plastic, depending on the model. The Jean Paul USA CL-300 is constructed of Ebonite material, which is a common plastic. Plastic models such as this one are susceptible to cracking or breaking if handled carelessly.

However, because of their ability to withstand a wide range of indoor and outdoor situations, they are more enduring than wood models in general. For marching bands, they’re also an excellent choice.

The keys on the Jean Paul USA CL-300 are nickel-plated. Nickel keys with stronger metallurgy will make them seem a little heavier, reinforcing them against bending or shattering.

However, as long as you treat the Jean Paul USA CL-300 with care, the keys should continue to function properly. The few instances in which the keys on this Jean Paul clarinet have bent or broken are usually the result of the student grasping the keys while attempting to assemble or disassemble the instrument, which is discouraged.



The best clarinets produce a rich, resonating sound that is even and constant in its tonal range. When particular notes are performed on an inferior clarinet, the instrument can sound distorted or out of tune.

Compared to other clarinets in its class, the Jean Paul USA CL-300 has a good overall sound quality, especially at this price. There are, however, a few minor sound issues to be concerned about.

It can be difficult to hit the upper notes with the Jean Paul USA CL-300, such as a hard C. It may entail a little more effort to do so than it would to play in a lower register. Nonetheless, even with a high-end clarinet, performing in a higher register is often difficult for beginning clarinetists to master. Also, it’s a skill that gets better with time and experience.

Some clarinetists have also expressed concern that the mouthpiece or ligature that comes with the clarinet causes the instrument to sound half-semitone flat when played. More skilled clarinet players can usually fix this problem using their embouchure. However, if a new player is experiencing difficulty with their mouthpiece or ligature, it may be wise to replace them right away if this is the case.



When purchasing a clarinet for a novice, playability is a crucial factor to take into consideration. A clarinet that is fairly easy to play encourages students to continue playing the instrument for a longer period of time. A model that is more difficult to play, on the other hand, unnecessarily challenges and frustrates the same learner.

The Jean Paul USA CL-300 Student Clarinet is a highly playable instrument with a good sound. It usually plays nicely right out of the box, with no need for pad or key customization. However, despite its lackluster quality, the mouthpiece that comes with the kit is adequate.



Ideally, each new clarinet should be equipped with a ligature, which is the part that attaches down over the mouthpiece and holds the reed in place. The Jean Paul USA CL-300 has a metal ligature.

Some clarinetists have complained that the ligature on this instrument is difficult to keep in place. If you are experiencing the same difficulty with the ligature slipping, we recommend that you check to see that the ligature is securely fastened to the mouthpiece before proceeding.

You can also get in touch with Jean Paul USA and inquire about the possibility of receiving a new ligature. A problem like this should be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. Alternatively, purchasing a substitute ligature is an option.



The original mouthpiece that comes with the Jean Paul USA CL-300 is a respectable piece of accessories. It’s not extremely difficult to blow into this one. This is a mouthpiece with which a beginner could get by for several months of practice.

However, because the mouthpiece has such an influence on the sound and playability of the instrument, many learners choose to switch to a better one regardless.


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Reeds are normally good for at least a couple of weeks when used regularly. Clarinetists, on the other hand, frequently employ many reeds, in turn, to break them in steadily.

The Jean Paul USA CL-300 is delivered with a set of pro Rico reeds. Rico reeds are a well-known and respected name in the reed industry. Furthermore, their 2.5 strength variant is frequently recommended by experts as the best choice for beginning clarinet students.


Carrying Case

Every Jean Paul USA CL-300 comes with a lightweight and portable carrying case, ideal for transporting the instrument to and from school or practice. With plenty of space for all of your accessories, the Jean Paul carrying case makes traveling with your instruments a delight.



If your Jean Paul USA CL-300 clarinet is playing a little flat for you, we recommend trying the smaller barrel. If the barrel is pushed out slightly, the tuning of all clarinets will be dropped as well.

Tuning can be affected by changes in the environment in which the instrument is kept and played. Understanding when to shift between barrels and modify them can also be beneficial for maintaining a consistent tone.


Cleaning Cloth

Unfortunately, the cleaning cloth that comes with the Jean Paul USA CL-300 does not make cleaning the instrument any easier to complete. Therefore, you’ll probably need to replace it.


Price and Warranty

Between $199 and $220, you may get a new Jean Paul USA CL-300 from Amazon. In terms of student models, this sits in the mid-range.  The Jean Paul USA CL-300 has a unique edge over other clarinets in this price range since it tends to retain its value.

A one-year guarantee covers manufacture and quality issues on the Jean Paul USA CL-300. Jean Paul USA also offers a customer support service that replies to inquiries within 24 hours.



The Jean Paul USA CL-300 Student Clarinet is an excellent instrument for beginning players. It is vulcanized in a certain way, resulting in an incredibly hard outer shell. You won’t have a problem creating a pleasant melody thanks to the keys’ responsiveness. If you’re a beginner, this clarinet will serve you well for many years to come.

Check out our extensive clarinet buying guide to learn more about other magnificent clarinets on the marketplace and how to pick the perfect one for you.


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