Meinl Percussion Tambourine, best tambourine with all the best features

Meinl Percussion Tambourine Review

Tambourines are one of the most instrumental percussion musical instruments in the world. These are the instruments that can be used in all types of music. Because of their versatility of sounds, they are used in many types of music. The tambourine is a classical, folk instrument that has seen its fair share of usage in rock and jazz as well.

One of the best tambourines in the market is Meinl Percussion Tambourine. This has all the best features that you look for in a tambourine. We will discuss the features and the quality of the Meinl Percussion Tambourine here for your convenience.



The Meinl Percussion Tambourine is one of the best tambourines on the world market today because of its many premium features and quality. We will be looking at all the features here at some length for you so that you know that it deserves the high recommendation and praises it gets.


Headless Tambourine

There are many types of tambourines. Some of them come with coverings of leather or skin. These tambourines double-time as drums, alongside being used as a tambourine. These tambourines are called skinhead tambourines. They focus more on the drum, and the drum construction can be limited to the snares or the jingles’ ability as well.

The Meinl Percussion Tambourine is a headless tambourine. Meaning it has no drum head. These tambourines are also referred to as rock tambourines. The jingles’ vibration is not dampened by any head skin or other constrictions on the shell. This allows you to play the tambourine to your heart’s content without worrying about losing the quality of the sound.



The shell of the tambourine is where the skin head and the jingles are placed. The material of the shell construction impacts the sound of both the drum and the jingles. Traditional and ethnic tambourines can be made out of bones, but these are not all that common. These are limited to remote tribes of the world who revere the instrument.

The most common material for tambourine shells is wood. Hand-carved wooden tambourines are very common and almost classic! But they are susceptible to weather, humidity, moisture, and other issues that are common for other wooden construction. They can break as well; if the wood is not processed correctly.

The second most common and most reliable material for shell construction is plastic. Meinl Percussion Tambourine is made with plastic. The material makes it durable, light, and long-lasting for a long and functional time. Plastic makes the Meinl Percussion Tambourine light too.

Meinl Percussion Tambourine Review



The size of the tambourine is directly related to the ability to play it with ease and perfection. The most common size of the tambourine that musicians and professionals prefer is 10 inches. But there are bigger and smaller options for you.

The Meinl Percussion Tambourine is 10 inches in size. It is perfect for people with smaller hands and larger hands as well.



Tambourine design needs to be comfortable. Holding it for a longer period can cause you to lose grip over the instrument, which can cause the sound to be imperfect and have a detrimental effect on the performance.

The Meinl Percussion Tambourine is made with an ergonomic design that allows you to hold the tambourine with comfort and convenience.

The handgrip is padded for added comfort for you. The shell of the Meinl Percussion Tambourine is ridged “guiro” surfaced. This allows you to make guiro-like sound effects just by rubbing the tambourine against any surface.


Jingle Formation

Many tambourines come with a single pair of jingles, but this depends on the size of the tambourine. One pair of jingles do not give you much sound or volume when playing.

The Meinl Percussion Tambourine has double pair of jingles on the body.

This allows you to have a fuller, more clear sound. You get a warm resonance.

The double pair of the Meinl Percussion Tambourine has 7 sets spread equitably all across the body of the tambourine.


Jingle Material

The sound of the tambourine depends highly on the material of the jingles. There are many types of jingles.

There are the Beryllium Copper jingles that have a lower-pitched, lush, and dry sound. The Phosphor Bronze produces a sound that is more dark, mellow, and dry.

The Meinl Percussion Tambourine jingles are made with Steel and brass. These give you a full sound with a warm resonance.

The jingles are durable and long-lasting; they can resist the damage of playing for a longer period of time. These jingles may not sound like a mouthful like the other names like Beryllium copper or Phosphor bronze, but they are the best on the market.


Jingle pairing

The same type of jingles provides a certain type of sound, and mixed jingles produce a different kind of sound. Because of the build and quality of the jingles, the vibration passes differently. Thus, produces a different type of sound.

The Meinl Percussion Tambourine jingles are mixed. Brass and Steel produce a warm and clear sound with a resonance that is warm.


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The synthetic frame of the Meinl Percussion Tambourine makes it last longer and resist weather conditions better than a wooden tambourine. This is more durable and long-lasting than the other options.

The jingles are also very durable for the material of their construction. Besides producing the best sounds, they last long. This takes care of both your performance and finance!



When it comes to a musical instrument, the experience of the manufacturer is currency. The more experienced the manufacturer is, the better the instrument ought to be. But there are deviants too.

However, the Meinl Percussion Tambourine is made by Meinl Percussion, one of the world’s most reputed and respected manufacturers of musical instruments. This makes sure of the quality of the instrument and the checking that it had to go through to be introduced into the shelf or the figurative shelf of the online businesses. You can be certain that these tambourines have passed the rigorous testing and quality checks to be there.


Player Friendly

Playing the tambourine is easy; playing it right is tough. For the learners, it is very important to learn to play the tambourine with grace and love. Easy-to-play tambourines allow you to do that.

Meinl Percussion tambourine is a very user-friendly tambourine. It is a perfect tambourine for percussionists, drummers and any other musician, and beginners too.



Tambourines are inexpensive instruments if you go for the average ones. But a good tambourine will cost you money. The Meinl Percussion Tambourine is one of the best tambourines in the market today. And hence, it costs a bit more.

However, it is not unreasonably over-priced. It falls within the range of a beginner’s affordability. It is perfect for all users, beginners, and professionals.



In conclusion, a tambourine with all the best features and the perfect size is very rare to have. If you take into account the shell construction, the jingle’s number, construction and formation, and the brand’s commitment to quality and performance, the Meinl Percussion Tambourine is one of the best by a long shot!

The price of it can be an issue, but that is an issue with all premium products. A product with all the best features will cost a bit more; still, the price is not unreasonable. You can afford the Meinl Percussion tambourine, and investing in it will serve you a long time!


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