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The Feather Violin Pickup review

Violinists in a band’s primary concern are with sound amplification. Solo violinists don’t have to deal with the issue nearly as often.

Every instrument in a band must be performed and audible in order to create a harmonious sound. Even a single violin may make all the difference between a harmonious symphony and a chaotic one in certain situations. Violin pickups amplify your violin’s natural tone. However, you can’t just go out and get any old violin pickup. Buying the greatest violin pickups for your budget is essential.

One of the best violin pickups in the market today is the Myers The Feather Violin Pickup. It has a huge follower base and user base. It has made a considerable amount of fan base for the quality that it has.

It is considered among the best violin pickups of this decade, and some even suggest the past 100 years! Well, we don’t know about that, but it certainly is one of the best violin pickups on the market today.


The Feather Violin Pickup Features:

The features that make The Feather Violin Pickup one of the best will be discussed herein in some depth. This will help you understand why it receives so much admiration from violinists, teachers, and professional violin players alike.


Acclaimed Brand

Gregg Myers is the firm’s CEO, owner, and creator, but he’s not the only member of his family involved in running it. His family consists of his wife and two sons. In addition to patents for its pickups, this family-owned and run firm holds patents for amplified drums. Inspires them to listen to their consumers and drives the company’s philosophy.

The Feather is one of their flagship products. This attended to their high standard and passed their promise of quality and inspection. It is among the best violin pickups on the market.


The Feather Violin Pickup


Pick Up Type

All violinist knows the types of violin pickups and what they mean. However, for the non-initiated, here are the types in short-

Piezo pickups capture the vibration of the violin’s natural sound when the strings vibrate (and other musical instruments) and provide a higher, crisper sound. A piezo pickup brightens the sound. It is the most popular and widely used violin pickup on the market. Classic violin pickups like these can be found nearly everywhere.

In contrast to Piezo pickups, which amplify sound as soon as vibration is detected, magnetic pickups employ vibration to detect sound. Strings vibrate, the violin’s body sways, and the playing dynamics are all picked up by the sensors. Professionals like these pickups, but they’re also more expensive than Piezo-style ones.

In addition to vibration, magnetic pickups create sound through their sensitivity to dynamic range. They sound better because they’re more transparent and have a richer, fuller tone.

Micro gooseneck violin pickup systems retain the violin’s original sound and are extremely efficient in doing so. The preamp is connected to the microphones in these pickup systems, which allows you to adjust the sound. The micro goose pickups system allows you to experiment with various placements to get the finest possible sound.

The Feather Violin Pickup is a Micro Gooseneck pickup system. It is the best for the sound and gives you the most from the violin. As these pickups do not rely on anything else but the sound, you can be sure that any other condition of the violin will not have any effect on your performance.


Active Preamp

There are two types of pickups available. Active and passive.

While the passive pickup doesn’t require any power source, the active pickup, like The Feather violin pickup, requires a power source.

The amplifier is powered by the pickup, which sends sound straight to it. A microphone pointing at the instrument would be supposed to collect the sounds and make them audible to an audience or amplify them for recording even if the pickup was not there. There is an internal power supply in the preamp but no connections to connect the pickups to it. Cables will be necessary whether you’re using an amplifier, hooking directly into a PA system, or capturing the sounds.

This may seem like a potential downside, but it is really not. Because an active pickup like The Feather Violin Pickup is more reliable than a passive pickup.



An active preamp needs a power source to function. The power source has to be reliable and long-lasting.

The Feather Violin Pickup system uses lithium batteries supplied as the internal power source for the active preamp to power the device. The batteries will be provided for you. Batteries made of lithium, on the other hand, have a very extended shelf life.


Omnidirectional Mic

Noise might be a problem when using a preamp. You can’t filter out any of the noises when the instrument’s noise is amplified. This is why you need a pickup mic that is able to catch the instrument’s sound without picking up any extraneous noise that could be around the performer.

Instead of taking up sound from a single direction, an omnidirectional microphone picks up noise from all directions. Each mic pattern has a distinct sound, and it’s crucial to know which one is best for the instrument and the setting.

However, the rate at which The Feather catches noises is very low, and this depends on the stage you are playing on.


Mic neck

The mic neck of the Feather violin pickup is flexible. In order to get the greatest sound out of the instrument you’re amplifying or recording, you’ll want to use The Feather’s adjustable microphone portion. When using a cello, the pickup should be placed near the F-hole. If you’re using a guitar, you’ll want to put it near the soundhole.

You can use the Feather Violin Pickup with almost any instrument that is used in bands and concerts.


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Patented Clip

Myers has patented saddle clips that don’t damage the instrument’s wood. Once it’s attached, you may move the adjustable neck into a position that best picks up the violin or acoustic guitar’s natural sound.

Whether you’re playing a percussive instrument or a string instrument like a violin or guitar, this is an excellent choice.



The Feather Violin Pickup is a lightweight violin pickup device. It’s small and may be used with a wide variety of acoustic instruments to boost the volume of your performance. You may remove the Myers pickups system without affecting the tone or appearance of your instrument.



For both acoustic and electric instruments, Myers pickups are equally effective. Violins, guitars, ukuleles, and even banjos can benefit from this. It is compatible with almost all instruments of music.


Ease of Use

Immediately after unwrapping the pickup, could you attach it to the selected instrument? It is possible to connect an amplifier, recorder, or PA system to the 14-inch input jack on the pickup. The pickup’s internal power supply will be activated as a result of this. Adjusting the volume of the pickup microphone is a simple process.



Myers Pickups is a well-known brand of acoustic guitar pickups.

The Feather Violin Pickup is a lightweight violin pickup device. It’s small and may be used to amplify other acoustic instruments. No damage to your instrument’s rich ebony tone or beauty with Myers pickups. This feather violin pickup comes with a power supply, so you can just plug it in and play. It will provide excellent music for a long period. They work on both acoustic and electronic instruments.

You can buy this without any worry!


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